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National Geographic’s Mega Icons will track success stories of inspiring people

Launching in September 2018, Virat Kohli and Kamal Haasan will be featured in the first episode. Each part would be a journey into the life of an iconic personality through intimate interviews as well as scientific research and analysis

National Geographic will launch a new series Mega Icons, all success stories of different inspiring personalities of India. In the first episode, cricketer Virat Kohli and politician-actor Kamal Haasan will be featured. The two have been selected from two of the biggest obsessions of the country – cricket and movies. 

Premiering in September 2018, each episode of this series would be a journey into the life of an iconic personality, with the help of not only intimate interviews of the icons and their families, but also through scientific research and analysis by experts.

‘Mega Icons’ is all about the brand’s latest endeavour to marry exclusive access with spectacular storytelling. Mega Icons will showcase the milestone events and incidents in the life of these icons. Events and incidents that might have had an incredible impact to set their lives onto a path of greatness. These incidents will be brought to life through powerful storytelling using cinematic recreations, along with intimate interviews with the icons and the ones closest to them.

Scientists and expert psychoanalysts will explain the neurological and psychological concepts at work behind these instances. The experts, featured in the show, will include pioneers in neurosurgery, development biology, brain behaviour research and cognitive science.

The unique format would be hosted by an acclaimed personality who along with the panel of experts will scratch beneath the surface to magnify the unseen in an icon’s life. The brand will announce the second set of icons along with the show host and panel of experts later this month.

Shruti Takulia, Head, Productions, National Geographic and Fox Networks Group India, said, “For Mega Icons, I could talk about the cinematic brilliance of the dramatic recreations we have shot. Or the intimate stories that come out through the interviews with India’s biggest icons and their closest ones. However, what is really important about the show is the unique lens we have used to analyse the lives of these icons – using science to decipher if such inspirational personalities are born or made great. This unique format is what we believe will appeal to the National Geographic’s loyal viewer. A discerning viewer, who is fuelled by curiosity, and wants to deepen his understanding about the science and reason behind everything.”

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