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Wagh Bakri takes on the trend of short conversation in new campaign

Conceptualised by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, the campaign takes forward the brand proposition of ‘Hamesha Rishte Banaye’ and highlights how tea is a catalyst for building and maintaining relations

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Technology has made the world a smaller place. But one of its side-effects is that it is also making conversations smaller and relationships colder. Completing conversations in 240 characters has put us in the habit of keeping real conversations short. We start and end most of them with a simple ‘Hi’. We know more about the world and less about our neighbours, we spend more time with our followers than our fellow workers.

Taking this insight into consideration, Wagh Bakri has come out with a new campaign titled ‘Rishton Ka Hi Fever’. The ad film, conceptualised by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, takes forward the brand proposition of ‘Hamesha Rishte Banaye’ and highlights how tea is a catalyst for building and maintaining relations.

The ad film is the story of Sunny – a young Punjabi boy, who’s returning after years of staying abroad. His time outside has alienated him from the warmth of Indian culture. We see this first when he avoids the hug from his father and truncates the conversation with a simple ‘Hi’. His coldness is showcased throughout his journey back to his childhood house as he meets various people from his childhood. Sunny strikes down each of them with a blunt and simple ‘Hi’. The task of making him understand that he’s lost his way falls upon the old grandmother who devises a recipe to remind him of the lost warmth. As she makes Wagh Bakri tea for the family, she also teaches him a lesson with a heart-touching one-liner, “Hamare yahan rishte ‘hi’ se nahi chai se bante hain”. 

Speaking about the campaign, Yogesh Shinde, Vice-President, Wagh Bakri Tea Group, said, “In a world where we spend even lesser and lesser time with our loved ones and where conversations are coming down to just a ‘hi’, spending time over a cup of chai could be those few minutes of bonding that we need so dearly.”

On the idea behind the campaign, Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, said, “We are in the ‘kalyug’ of technology. Instead of chatting with friends over hot and spicy chaat at the corner of our colony, we just do Snapchats. That’s why our granny in the film is ready to serve us an Indian home remedy that’s more than a century old – a cup of hot Wagh Bakri tea to cure our ‘cold’ and ‘crisp’ relationships.”

The Ad Film:


Brand: Wagh Bakri Tea Group

Agency: Scarecrow M&C Saatchi

Wagh Bakri Tea Group:

Executive Director: Paragbhai Desai

Vice President: Yogesh Shinde

Senior Manager Marketing: Shailabh Sharma

Senior Manager Marketing: Amit Vyas


Founder Director: Manish Bhatt

Founder Director: Raghu Bhat

Associate Creative Director, Copy: Nikhil Kerkar

Group Head, Art: Prashant Patankar

Copywriter: Raj Chavan

Art Director: Jignesh Maheria

Senior VP: Mangesh Mulajkar

Account Management: Sajesh Soman

Production House: Rising Sun Films

Director: Anup Chitnis

Executive Producer: Ronnie Lahiri

Producer: Supriya Macwan

Associate Producer: Madhukar Moses

DOP: Srinivas Reddy

Music Directors: Rohan Utpat, Vinayak Salvi

Offline: Chandrashekhar Prajapati

Vocals: Krishna Beura


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