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Investica focuses on payoffs of great investment in latest ad campaign

Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, the ad campaign talks about the small pleasures of life rather than huge unattainable goals

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It is often said that real happiness can be found in the small things in life. Highlighting this fact is Investica through their new brand campaign.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, the campaign consists of two ad films and talks about the small pleasures of life rather than huge unattainable goals.

The first ad film highlights the lack of ‘fursat’ or free time in people’s lives. It shows a man ideally lounging, eating peanuts and enjoying his time. The second ad film is about ‘angdaayi’ or the lazy stretching people often engage in. Both the ad films have a voiceover that details the rareness of such moments in modern day life and espouses the benefits of good investments that make such moments possible.

Commenting on the brief given by the brand, Walter Noronha, Senior Vice President, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “The brief was to simply focus on the payoffs of great investments with simple life pleasures rather than promise huge unattainable goals.”

Speaking about the campaign and the idea behind the same, Neville Shah, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, said, “The world of financial communication is loaded with guilt, responsibility and even the rush to get it done. But the true fruit of investment is the joy of that earning. Especially when you do it wisely. Investica allows you make choices and understand your investments before you make them. That’s what we went for. The joy of this earning. Simple stories of things that happen when you have the joy.  We tried to even keep that languid feeling in the treatment of the films. So, you never feel rushed even while viewing the film.”

The Ad Films:


Brand: Investica

Agency: Ogilvy India

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