Coca Cola and Adidas are most recalled sponsors for FIFA World Cup 2018: Ipsos Survey

62% Indians claim to catch the FIFA World Cup on television, 45% on internet and 32% on mobile

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Coca Cola and Adidas are most recalled sponsors for FIFA World Cup 2018: Ipsos Survey

As the month-long global football event of FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off tomorrow, Indians were found to be quite brand aware of the partners and sponsors of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Ipsos Survey. They mentioned Coca Cola (70%), Adidas (67%), Hyundai (57%), McDonald’s (57%), Vivo (46%), Budweiser (33%), and for other brands awareness and association was low.

The survey reveals that the big screen is still the most preferred medium for watching with 6 in 10 Indians (62%) claiming to catch the FIFA world cup on television. Online and handheld devices like mobile, ipads and tablets is also on the rise with 45% said that they will watch it on internet, 32 % will use their mobile and 15% will follow the FIFA event on their ipads and Tablets. 

Indians’ passion for soccer goes so far that five in ten (51%) say they will miss work and school to watch this World Cup (highest globally) with Turkey (46%) and the US (46%) close on the heels, said survey.  

64% Indians say they will splurge on the FIFA World Cup merchandise and themed products; The Chinese (68%) and Malaysians (64%) too going to loosen their purse strings for fan merchandise.

83% Indians claim to be aware of the upcoming global event, to be held in Russia. And 85 per cent Indians claim to be watching soccer – 31% call themselves passionate football follower, 28% follow football/ soccer but watch matches of their favourite teams and league and 26% claim to be watching occasionally. Only 15% claimed to be non-watchers of the game.

Interestingly, Football is leveraged as a social experience by Indians; 88% Indians say that they will catch the world cup action with friends and/ or family. And 69% will watch the football World Cup matches with work colleagues.  62% say they will go to a bar or restaurant to catch some part of the World Cup action. 

“While the Indian soccer squad is not a part of the 32 countries that have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament (India is placed 97 in FIFA Ranking), yet there is a high level of buzz among Indians for the FIFA world cup. FIFA World Cup unites the world to cheer and support their favourite team or player and experience magic of the global extravaganza. The event is more than just a sporting event and every four years there is a novelty factor with a new theme, anthem and much razzmatazz every time,” says Rinku Patnaik, Chief Client Officer, Ipsos India.


In total 19,766 interviews were conducted between 20 April and 04 May, 2018. The survey was conducted in 27 countries around the world, via the Ipsos Online Panel system in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain, and the USA.

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