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Zee Melt 2018: How to do digital marketing in a fundamentally traditional category

Anuraag Trikha, Global Director, Integrated Marketing Communications, Heineken, speaks about the dilemma of the global marketer and how to possibly go about solving it

Anuraag Trikha

In a world that is neither hundred per cent digital and nor hundred per cent traditional, marketing can be slightly confusing. Sharing his thoughts on how to do digital marketing in a category that is fundamentally traditional was Anuraag Trikha, Global Director, Integrated Marketing Communications, Heineken, at Zee Melt 2018.

“We are in Beta mode now. So, what we do today will tomorrow be the perfect black and white answer,” said Trikha.

According to Trikha, one of the biggest dilemmas that brands face in the alcobev category is building relevance at scale.

“The way I define digital is how relevant are you as a brand. Building relevance at scale is very important and that is where brands like Spotify are doing extremely well. They know how to take big data, which is scale and make it super relevant by creating a bespoke playlist for you,” said Trikha.

The second dilemma that brands face today is that while the world is changing everyday as far as technology is concerned, it essentially remains the same. People still want things that they care for.

“Things that we have all grown up with in marketing like insight and ideas are still very relevant. Don’t dismiss the power of a good idea, a good insight, the power of emotions and the power of knowing your consumers while you do all the cool stuff. We need to learn to do both,” said Trikha.

Trikha gave the example of the campaign they did for the UEFA Champions League, an event they have been sponsors for since 2005, to showcase how they took data (scale) and made it relevant for their consumers at a personal level.

Trikha emphasised on focusing on micro moments to achieve this relevance at scale. Micro moment is studying one’s consumers at a deeper, individual level to understand what they do at a particular point in time and how to be relevant to them in that particular moment.

But the one question everyone likes to ask is “How do you measure success”. According to Trikha, at Heineken it is measured on the basis of three points, namely: Broad Reach, Break-through Content and Continuous Presence.

“The way to become a moment marketer is to take large amounts of data, take a passion point, put a brand lens on it and push it right back because it is relevant to them,” said Trikha.

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