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Brands show their emotional, quirky and responsible sides this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is upon us and brands are trying to leverage the situation by coming out with ads that range from being emotional to quirky to downright hilarious. brings you them all

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The second Sunday of May is recognised the world over as Mother’s Day and brands everywhere are trying to leverage the day to bring out heart-warming, funny and meaningful communication. brings you a list of what brands in India have up their sleeves this Mother’s Day.



Mother’s Day cannot be more valuable to any other brand than it is to a brand literally named ‘Mom’s Magic’. This year, in a digital campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy Bangalore, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic veered off the beaten path for Mother’s Day and paid homage to the mother-like figures, which have positively impacted the lives of those they care for in an attempt to get people to acknowledge these relationships.

In the ad film you can see a young woman and an older woman (in whose house is a tenant), sharing a loving and caring relationship with each other. The young woman takes care of all of the older woman’s needs. We can see at the beginning of the ad film that the older woman is sewing a sweater. Towards the end of the narrative she goes on to present the same sweater to her young tenant, insisting she try it right away. When the young woman comes out wearing the sweater, the older woman remarks that she looks like her mother, thereby recognising the care and kindness with which she treats her.


Tata Pravesh:

Mothers are always known for their soft, caring nature. But Tata Pravesh has chosen to highlight strong mothers and their sacrifices in their Mother’s Day campaign.

Conceptualised by J Walter Thompson, Kolkata, the thought behind the campaign was to showcase the strength of mothers that opens every door for her child. It projects the strong core that is inside every mother that she uses to overcome every obstacle in the way of her child.


Rajnigandha Pearls:

In its ad communication Rajnigandha takes a different take on motherhood. The film opens in an apartment where a woman is shown playing hide and seek with a five-year old boy Rohnit, like any mother would. As the film progresses, one realises that the child is the neighbour’s son with whom she shares a very special bond and he too reciprocates the affection.

However, at the end of the day, the child needs to go back home to his mother and that leaves the protagonist very unsettled and anxious about her childless life. The video goes on to showcase a few such incidences that leave Neha disenchanted.

Further, while returning from school, Rohnit wants to go straight to Neha’s house. However, his mom is adamant that he should first go home and change. Neha watches this and feels forlorn and dejected, seeing which her husband suggests that they adopt a child. Meanwhile, the doorbell rings and Rohnit excitedly runs into the house with a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ card. Though elated, Neha is a little apprehensive too and is worried about what Rohnit’s mother would think. This is when the little boy’s mother walks in with a cake and proceeds to celebrate the day with her son and the woman who cares for him like a mother too.


MTV has been churning out some funny and thought-provoking campaigns, be it Valentine’s Day or Holi. This time too, MTV has turned to humour to convey its Mother’s Day message.

While there is a designated day to celebrate mothers and all that they do for us, it is rather in trend to dis such days and say ‘Every day is Mother’s Day’. But do we ever stop to think and wonder whether the mothers feel the same way?

The ad film starts when a mother realises it is Mother’s Day and seeing an empty present box next to her son deduces that her gift must be hidden in the house. She then embarks on a mad quest to find the gift. In the end, she is unable to find the gift and defeated, she tells her son that she is giving up and he must give her the present now. The son waves this off by saying Mother’s Day is corporate strategy to gain profits and says the inevitable line people use in such situations – ‘Every day is Mother’s Day for me’. The ad ends with the frustrated mother tackling her ungrateful son to the ground.

MTV Beats:

Mothers are always a constant present. They are constantly worrying about you constantly. trying to be a part of your life and bringing this out hilariously is MTV Beat's Mother's Day ad. The ad film, titled 'Sa Re Ga Ma', has a girl practising music. As soon as girl comes to 'Ma', the mom appears and wants to know why she was summoned. The ad pays homage to moms and celebrates the fact that mothers always put you first.

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