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Brands show how quitting smoking is not a tough task

On World No Tobacco Day, brands are trying to convince people to quit tobacco through their creative efforts

Kicking the butt is not easy. It requires strong will and patience but support can go a long way in helping someone say no to tobacco and so can some strong messaging.

This World No Tobacco Day, brands are trying to get people to quit tobacco through their creativity.


Working on the idea that if “cigarettes keep you away from your loved ones, why not keep away from cigarettes?” MTV, in their now familiar style, has come up with a hilarious campaign that demolishes the idea of a cigarette as an ice-breaker and depicts how one should quit if they don’t want to hide from their family members.

The ad film, created in-house, starts with a young man coming out of his house to smoke a cigarette. But the moment he goes to light the cigarette, his father comes out. The young man ditches the cigarette and pretends to be exercising. His father now takes out a cigarette but before he can light his cigarette, the father’s father and the young man’s grandfather comes out. The father ditches his cigarette and starts pretending to exercise with his son. The grandfather now takes out his ‘bidi’ to enjoy a smoke but before he can do so, his father and the young man’s great grandfather comes out holding an incense stick. The ad film ends with the message ‘Baaki sab bujhao, agarbatti jalao’.


Nicotex, the smoking cessation brand, has launched a new campaign called ‘Ek cigarette kam’. As part of this campaign a new anthem titled ‘Hum me hain dum, roz ek cigarette kam’ has been launched. Personifying today’s culture, the brand takes a fun musical route to appeal to the audience to quit smoking gradually and effectively by taking small steps and reducing one cigarette at a time.

Created in association with composer/music director Hanif Shaikh and produced by Tribute, the anthem is multi lingual.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals:

Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise, has released its month-long creative campaign called ‘S.O.O.N - Quit Tobacco’, in continuation with its last year’s initiative for World No Tobacco Day. S.O.O.N is an acronym for Save Our Organs Now and this year’s theme of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ being ‘Tobacco and Heart Disease’. The campaign by Gleneagles Global Hospitals focuses on the impact that tobacco has on the cardiovascular health of people all over the world. Through the nationwide campaign of S.O.O.N, the hospital aims to increase awareness on feasible actions and measures that people can take to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco. 

This year’s campaign by Gleneagles Global hospitals delivers a sensitive message using strong creatives to educate people that smoking not only affects the lungs in a human body but eventually the most important organ “the heart”. With an intention of diffusing a resilient message through a single key visual which depicts the lungs as ‘buildings’ and the heart as a ‘lush green forest’, the campaign intends to strike an emotional connect with the readers to reinforce the message.

Ashok Leyland:

Ashok Leyland has releasing a video, where it is showing how the brand educates its drivers with technical knowledge and highlights the importance of healthy habits in daily life, one of which being saying “No to Tobacco”. In many studies it is found out that prevalence of forever smoking was the highest among long haul truck drivers. Ashok Leyland has pioneered in driver training in India recognizing the vital role of the drivers in the commercial vehicle industry.


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