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Vijay TV to launch new weekend reality show

Titled Villa to Village, the contestants in the show will have to adjust to the village lifestyle and will be judged by the village panchayat

Vijay TV will soon launch a new reality show titled Villa to Village for the weekends. The show is set to be launched on March 10, every Saturday and Sunday, at 9.30 pm and will be hosted by Andrews. As the title suggests, this show will make the contestants adjust to village lifestyle. The show will have 12 girls from metro lifestyle, who will be taken to a village and left without any cash in hand to lead the village life for 40 days. The show will be one-of-its-kind, bridging city life and village.

The contestants must undertake the daily tasks, series of challenges to earn their living in the village. The girls will need to prove to the villagers that they are not just stylish and modern, but can also live in the rural land.


This is not only about surviving in the village but they must also compete with one another to win the hearts of the villagers and win the title Azhagi. The contestants will be judged by the village panchayat. At the end of every week, the villagers will vote one contestant out from the village panchayat.

The contestant with the maximum votes will be eliminated from the show.


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