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GEC Watch: With Zee Anmol at top, FTA channels claim top four slots in U+R, Colors retains urban lead

Star Plus gained significant numbers in both the urban and rural markets, hence, improving its position in all three segments - U+R, urban and rural

In the Week 12 of 2018 (March 17-23), free-to-air channels took top four slots in combined markets. Zee Anmol and Colors maintained their leaderships in the respective U+R, rural and urban markets. Star Plus gained significant numbers in both the urban and rural markets, hence, improving its position in all three segments - U+R, urban and rural.

Amongst the TV shows, Sony Pal’s CID gained huge to enter in the top-5 shows list in U+R markets, while the finale episode of Super Dancer Chapter 2 on Sony grabbed the fifth spot. Colors’ new show Bepanah entered the top-5 shows list in the urban markets, while Star Plus’ Yeh Hain Mohabbatein re-entered the chart.

Top channels in U+R markets

As per select BARC India data for Week 12 of 2018 (March 17-23) for HSM (U+R): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, Zee Anmol went back to the top with 810.903 million (last week 810.969 million) Impressions, followed by Sony Pal that climbed to second position in the combined U+R arkets, with 738.826 million (last week 647.929 million) Impressions. Star Bharat that slipped to No. 3 with 732.651 million (last week 740.541 million) Impressions. Star Utsav came back to No. 4 position garnering 637.141 million (last week 598.597 million) Impressions. Colors gained significantly, to reach at No. 5 with 563.717 million (last week 547.056 million) Impressions. Zee TV, slipped back to reach No. 6 clocking 548.874 million (last week 576.059 million) Impressions. Star Plus climbed to at No. 7 had 481.551 million (last week 437.113 million) Impressions. Rishtey slipped by a spot at No. 8 with a gross viewership of 453.042 million (last week 450.671 million) Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television dropped numbers and slipped to No. 9 by clocking 428.017 million (last week 450.604 million) Impressions. Sony SAB remained at No. 10 with 376.912 million (last week 387.085 million) Impressions.

Top shows in U+R markets

As per select data {HSM (U+R): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800 - 2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya stood at the top by clocking 13.451 million (last week 13.567 million) Impressions. Zee TV’s spin-off show Kundali Bhagya grabbed the second spot with 12.642 million (last week 11.989 million). Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya grabbed 11.554 million (last week 10.575 million) Impressions, at No. 3. Sony Pal’s CID grabbed the fourth spot by clocking 9.372 million Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television’s reality show Super Dancer Chapter 2 stood at No. 5 in its finale episode, gathering 9.003 million Impressions (last week 9.201 million).

Top channels in urban markets

Colors continued to lead the flock of Hindi general entertainment channels (GECs) in the urban markets, garnering 405.894 million (last week 402.271 million) Impressions. Despite losing marginal numbers, Star Bharat stayed at the second spot and has clocked 355.742 million (last week 360.976 million) Impressions. Zee TV, too remained at No. 3 in the list of most-watched channels on Hindi GEC in urban markets, clocking 342.133 million (last week 359.360 million) Impressions. Star Plus climbed to the fourth spot in the urban markets with 337.525 million (last week 310.570 million) Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television, in turn, slipped to No. 5 with 313.518 million (last week 334.381 million) Impressions, followed by Sony SAB that garnered 291.467 million (last week 301.079 million) Impressions, stood at No. 6. Sony Pal was at No. 7 with 236.162 million (last week 215.880 million) Impressions. Star Utsav climbed a spot up to reach No. 8 garnering 185.541 million (last week 177.411 million) Impressions. Zee Anmol came in next at No. 9 with 181.340 million (last week 184.243 million) Impressions. Rishtey at No. 10 clocked 136.184 million (last week 136.797 million) Impressions.

Top programmes in urban markets

As per select data {HSM (urban): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800-2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya came out as the most watched show in the 12th week of 2018 by garnering 7.862 million (last week 7.578 million) Impressions. Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya stood at No. 2 with 7.166 million (last week 6.483 million Impressions). Sony Sab’s flagship show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma was at No. 3 on the list clocking 6.306 million (last week 6.186 million) Impressions, followed by Star Plus’ Yeh Hain Mohabbatein that garnered 6.183 million Impressions. Colors’ Bepanah entered at No. 5 and generated 5.896 million Impressions.

Top channels in rural markets

Zee Anmol held on to the top spot with 629.562 million (last week 626.726 million) Impressions. Sony Pal was at No. 2 in rural markets garnering 502.663 million (last week 432.048 million) Impressions. Star Utsav stayed at the third position garnering 451.600 million (last week 421.185 million) Impressions. Star Bharat at No. 4 in the rural markets recorded 376.909 million (last week 379.565 million) Impressions. Rishtey too retained its No. 5 position with 316.857 million (last week 313.873 million) Impressions. Dangal stayed at No. 6 by clocking 257.564 million (last week 236.263 million) Impressions. Big Magic followed with 233.288 million (last week 224.384 million) Impressions. Zee TV stood at No. 8 with 206.741 million (last week 216.699 million) Impressions. Colors stood at No. 9 garnering 157.823 million (last week 144.785 million) Impressions. Star Plus reentered the list at No. 10 with 144.025 million (last week 126.542 million) Impressions.

Top programmes in rural markets

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya became the most watched show in the rural market grabbing 11.013 million (last week 10.990 million) Impressions. Next two spots were grabbed by Sony Pal’s CID and Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah with 6.377 million (last week 5.783 million) and 6.373 million Impressions, respectively. Zee Anmol’s Ganga grabbed the fourth spot with 6.363 million (last week 5.780 million) Impressions, followed by Sony Pal’s Baalveer, that garnered 6.318 million (last week 5.866 million) Impressions.

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