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Quality time matters with kids even if it’s for 10 minutes, Kores tells parents

Conceptualised by What's Your Problem Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the campaign is led by a social experiment followed by a web series that encourages parents to spend quality time with their kids

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Stationary brand Kores has recently launched a wide range of arts and craft stationary products like bi color crayons, water pastels, funcil color pencils, oil pastels and many more.

As a leader in the clay category, Kores wanted to shift the attention from traditional ways of playing to innovative ways of playing together with parents.


The campaign aims at introducing this product to its target audience with a proposition that would make playing with clay a bit more meaningful not only for the kids but also for the parents.

In this fast moving world, parents are constantly struggling to spend more time with their kids. Some manage to spend a lot of time with their kids but have to multitask and this divided attention leads to quantity but not quality time.

Amit Akali

Amit Akali, Managing Partner & Creative Head and Tejas Mehta, Co - Founder and Director, Account Management and Strategy, What’s Your Problem, said, “We were clear that this is not about making a regular ad film. The insight is much deeper and needed a tool that would bring the insight alive beautifully. Research pointed out that parents do spend time with their kids but it is not always quality time. They are busy with their work and the kids are left unattended in spite of them being around. We wanted to highlight this fact and make people realise that some behavioural shift is required to spend quality time with kids.”

The campaign kickstarts with a social experiment, designed to bring to the forefront issues that parents tend to ignore, unknowingly. Families across India participate in this activity.


Huzefa Roowala, Co-founder and Director, Content & Creative, What’s Your Problem, said, “We wanted to create a film that would not only impact the ones participating in the social experiment but also those who would watch the film later.  This social experiment makes a hard-hitting impact on parents by making them aware of their behaviour through their own kids; highlighting the need to spend quality time with kids as opposed to just being physically present around them. The social experiment is followed by a series of webisodes that gives new-age parents an easy tool to spend some quality time with their kids. So we came up with a solution and called it ‘10 minutes with mumma-pappa’. Kores helps you spend time with your kids with the ‘Do It Together’ (Do It Together) Kit. It is an elaborate kit with tools to build a clay model that comes with an instruction set. It is called ‘Do It Together’ to make parents and kids come together as opposed to letting the kids create something alone. This leads to interaction between kids and parents, exchange of ideas and the joy of working together. We roped in Prateek Sethi (a design expert) as our host to make something out of the range of Do It Together Kits along with a family in each webisode.”


While the thought of quality time v/s quantity time was translated through the film, the problem was addressed and solved in two stages. The innovative Do It Together Kits by Kores were tested and created with Prateek Sethi on board. These kits hinged on creating builds together with Mumma-Papa as opposed to the many DIY offerings available. And the fact that these are dedicated 10-minute builds reiterated the importance of spending undivided time with the kids completed the objective.

Each Do It Together Kit also comes with a unique in-built AR (Augmented Reality) feature. It’s the first time in India that augmented reality is used in this category. This helps people see their unique build come alive when they view it through the AR marker and the Kores App.

Sameer Mehta, Executive Director, Kores India Ltd., said, “We are excited about the entire eco system that brings the product alive. We believe that this is one effective way to engage parents and kids and bring them to the table to innovate and play together. Also, each webisode helps build a unique piece that completes the carnival theme associated with the Do It Together Kits. These webisodes are panned across a period of five weekends to help parents inculcate a new habit of spending quality time with their kids. We also hope this eventually becomes a part of the daily routine and is adapted by schools too.”

Webisode 1:


Client: Kores India Ltd.

Executive Director: Sameer Mehta

VP Sales & Marketing: Vinayak Vetekar

Brand Manager: Vinit Sawant

Agency: What’s Your Problem Brand Solutions

Founder, Managing Partner & Creative Head: Amit Akali

Co-Founder and Director –Strategy & Account Management:

Tejas Mehta

Co-Founder and Director - Content & Creative: Huzefa Roowala

Director, Creative: Ruchita Zambre

Director, Client Servicing: Leena Pirgal

Group Head, Account Management: Karan Sharma

Supervisor, Strategy & Account Management: Imad Sirkhot

Sr. Visualizer: Pawan Kotian

Sr. Copywriter: Anugrah Gopinath

Sr. Copywriter: Kriti Tiwari

Sr. Animator: Saurabh Lad

Sr. Video Editor: Mohan Agre

Ashish Mayekar - Jr. Video Editor

 Production House: Collective Art

Director: Huzefa Roowala

Executive Producers: Ajay Pathak & Saurabh Kabra

Producer: Harish Gadappa 

DOP: Vinod Chhabra (case study), Zuhair Afsar (episodes)

1st AD/ DA: Shweta Wadekar

Assistant Directors: Anugrah Gopinath & Reetu Sarma

Intern Ad: Saloni

Costume Stylist: Shivani Joshi

Make-Up: Sunil Kashyap

Art: Harshvardhan Purohit

Production Manager: Rajan Yadav

Casting: Kavish

Offline Editor: Ramit

Colorist: Swapnil (Case Study) Oggy (Episodes)

Online Artist: Oggy (Episodes)

Music Director: Aditya Jain

Post Producer: Santosh Shinde

Asst. Post Supervisor: Dev Tripathi

Production boys: Sagar, Krishna, Kailash, Yogesh

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