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GEC Watch: Colors leads Urban, Zee Anmol leads Rural and U+R markets

Star Bharat takes No. 2 slot in Urban markets while it continues to be the second most watched channel in U+R

Zee Anmol continued to stand at the top of the combined U+R and rural markets, as per the data released by BARC India for the week 4 of 2018 (January 20-26). Colors too stuck to its leadership in the urban markets.

Star Utsav has grown numbers in both urban and rural markets. Zee TV, in turn has lost viewership in the three markets.

The top shows in all the markets is largely unchanged as Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV lead the urban and combined markets, while Kumkum Bhagya on Zee Anmol leads the rural markets.

Top channels in U+R markets

As per select BARC India data for Week 4 of 2018 (January 20-26) for HSM (U+R): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, Zee Anmol remained the top spot with 720.614 million (last week 736.662 million) Impressions. Star Bharat stuck to No. 2 in the combined U+R markets with 690.782 million (last week 691.997 million) Impressions. In turn, Sony Pal climbed a spot up to grab the third spot with 596.799 million (last week 612.393 million) Impressions. Star Utsav grew up to be at No. 4 garnering 563.861 million (last week 547.746 million) Impressions. Colors slipped to No. 5 position with 560.540 million (last week 617.050 million) Impressions. Zee TV, in turn, slipped to No. 6 position garnering 557.950 million (last week 605.654 million) Impressions. Star Plus stayed at No. 7 with 444.095 million (last week 472.073 million) Impressions. Rishtey stayed at No. 8 with a gross viewership of 443.551 million (last week 453.939 million) Impressions. Sony Entertainment Television remained at the ninth spot by clocking 434.762 million (last week 424.273 million) Impressions. Sony SAB too remained at No. 10 with 380.515 million (last week 376.493 million) Impressions.

Top shows in U+R markets

As per select data {HSM (U+R): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800 - 2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee TV’s spin-off show Kundali Bhagya and its original fiction Kumkum Bhagya grabbed the top two spots with 12.053 million (last week 12.549 million) and 11.021 million (last week 11.121 million) Impressions, respectively. Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya stood at No. 3 by clocking 10.545 million (last week 10.440 million) Impressions. Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya that stood at No. 4 clocked 9.894 million (last week 9.586 million) Impressions in Week 4. Sony TV’s Super Dancer garnered 9.435 million Impressions.

Top channels in urban markets

As the New Year starts, Colors continued to lead the flock of Hindi general entertainment channels (GECs) in the urban markets, garnering 407.749 million (last week 453.621 million) Impressions. Star Bharat stood at the second spot by climbing one position and has clocked 337.123 million (last week 339.070 million) Impressions. Zee TV slipped to No.3 in the list of most-watched shows on Hindi GEC in urban markets, clocking 328.662 million (last week 366.742 million) Impressions. Star Plus stayed at No. 4 in the urban markets with 310.185 million (last week 333.222 million) Impressions, followed by Sony Entertainment Television with 306.897 million (last week 304.688 million) Impressions. Sony SAB garnered 287.043 million (last week 281.841 million) Impressions, standing at No. 6. Sony Pal was at No. 7 with 189.592 million (last week 192.567 million) Impressions. Zee Anmol came in next at No. 8 with 165.100 million (last week 174.245 million) Impressions. Star Utsav stayed at No. 9 garnering 156.461 million (last week 153.052 million) Impressions. Rishtey has re-entered the top shows at No. 10 by clocking 124.004 million Impressions.

Top programmes in urban markets

As per select data {HSM (urban): NCCS All: Prime Time (1800-2330 hours): 2+ Individuals}, Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya came out as the most watched show in the fourth week of 2018 by garnering 7.359 million (last week 7.884 million) Impressions. Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya became the second most-watched show in urban markets with 6.606 million (last week 6.704 million) Impressions. Sony Sab’s flagship show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma was third in the list clocking 6.574 million (last week 6.288 million) Impressions, followed by Sony TV’s Super Dancer Chapter 2 with 6.052 million Impressions. Colors’ Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki garnered 5.630 million Impressions, at No. 5.

Top channels in rural markets

Zee Anmol held on to the top spot with 555.514 million (last week 562.416 million) Impressions. Star Utsav climbed up at second position garnering 407.400 million (last week 394.693 million) Impressions. Sony Pal slipped to No. 3 in rural markets garnering 407.206 million (last week 419.826 million) Impressions. Star Bharat continued to be at No. 4 spot in the rural markets recording 353.658 million (last week 352.927 million) Impressions. Rishtey too retained its No. 5 position with 319.546 million (last week 329.434 million) Impressions. Dangal climbed up at No. 6 by clocking 250.940 million (last week 236.393 million) Impressions. Zee TV stood at No. 7 with 229.287 million (last week 238.911 million) Impressions. Big Magic followed with 163.035 million (last week 166.794 million) Impressions. Colors was at No. 9 garnering 152.791 million (last week 163.428 million) Impressions. Star Plus remained at No. 10 with 133.910 million (last week 138.850 million) Impressions.

Top programmes in rural markets

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya became the most watched show in the rural market grabbing 8.581 million (last week 8.385 million) Impressions. Sony Pal’s Baalveer stayed at No. 2 garnering 6.388 million (last week 7.023 million) Impressions. Zee Anmol’s Jamai Raja grabbed 5.959 million Impressions, at No. 3. Rishtey’s Tere Naal Ishq was at No. 4 in the rural markets in Week 4 by clocking 5.896 million (last week 6.886 million) Impressions. Sony Pal’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah was at No. 5 with 5.836 million Impressions (last week 6.509 million).

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