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Mother’s Recipe aims to double its market share in the instant mixes category

The brand, that currently has a market share of around 12% in the category, is eyeing to gain 24% market share in two years

Sanjana Desai

Mother’s Recipe is looking to double their market share in the instant mixes category. In the coming two years, the brand is looking to increase their market share from around 12 per cent to 24 per cent in the category. 

The ready-to-eat meals market in India is currently valued at Rs 23 crore. The category has been growing at a CAGR of 13.22 per cent in the last five years, the number is expected to double by 2020.

“Instant Mix category has huge potential and is definitely a booming segment. Having said that, the penetration of this category is limited to urban markets, and even in the urban scenario, the consumption patterns are not very consistent. We are targeting a market share of 24 per cent in the category in the next two years,” said Sanjana Desai, Head of Business Development, Desai Brothers Ltd. – Food Division (Mother’s Recipe).

In a bid to leverage the increasing lucrativeness of the category, the brand recently added Poha in a cup format to their instant mixes range.

Speaking about the need for this addition to their instant mixes range, Desai said, “As far as the instant mix category is concerned, we are the pioneers in introducing instant mix products and have always promoted healthy options without any preservatives, MSG or artificial colours/flavours to our consumers. We were the first ones to launch instant poha mix in the market; however, with the changing consumer needs and times, we realised that apart from health and nutrition, consumers are looking for convenient grab and go options which can be prepared in a jiffy. Therefore, we recently launched our instant Poha in a cup format with ‘mom’s style Poha on the go’ and introduced it in two different variants – a regular poha and no onion, no garlic option.”

While, Desai agreed that the contribution of the instant mixes segment to the overall portfolio of Mother’s Recipe sales is low, she reiterated the fact that this would be a targeted year-on-year growth category for them. In the future, the company expects the instant mix category to contribute substantially to their overall revenue.

Mother’s Recipe also intends to increase their marketing sped on the category and invest more in the category to offer more options to consumers. Currently, the brand spends approximately 20 per cent of their sales revenue on marketing.

MTR, the brand that launched their instant breakfast range targeting the millennials earlier last year, spent Rs 40 crore on marketing the range. The ready-to-eat category accounts for 10 per cent of the brand’s overall revenues.

Speaking about their media mix and the importance of digital, especially when it comes to marketing their instant mixes range, Desai said, “Mother’s Recipe as a brand has always focused on having a holistic 360-degree approach when it comes to using various mediums. We have always maintained a balance when it comes to the choice of media vehicle, as we believe it plays a very critical role and varies depending on the target consumers we want to reach out to with the products/ categories.”

“The traditionally used TV and Print are important media to create mass appeal for our Pickles range, however digital is a very important vehicle to communicate with the target group for our instant mixes product category. It is also important to create a two-way communication channel for our consumers to engage and interact with the brand. We as a brand has been focusing heavily on creating such platforms for our consumers using various digital medium,” added Desai.


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