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How social media affects relationships

The debate on whether internet had improved our lives or made it worse seem never to cease. On the one hand, you can find whatever you want whenever you want; if you need some information, there is no need to go to the library, just type what you need in the search section. On the other hand, there have been a lot of scientific reports that people started experiencing the short memory and attention span with the arrival of the internet.

Same goes for social media and dating sites. If you want to make friends, you can use social media to find friends from any part of the world. If you want to find a date-mate, you can register on a dating site like https://romancecompass.com/, and find a date-mate from any country you wish. Although that seems great, there must be a dark side to it, right? Is it a short friendship or relationship span? Or are we becoming less attentive to our friends because of social media? Can we blame social networks for forgetting our partner's name? Well, let's check out the impact of social media on relationships.


If It's not Online then It isn't Real

You know that whenever you are dating someone, you need to post about it? No? Well, you are so old-fashioned. You friends and acquaintances, as well as your boss and co-workers, need to know about whether you are in a relationship with someone or not. The whole world needs to know how you and your partner spend time together. Why? Well, don't you know that if it's not online, then it's not real? How can you prove the world that you have a partner if you don't post about it? The same goes for breakups. If you broke up with your partner, you need to post some heartbroken text in order for all of your friend-list to pity you and show you their support. Private life? Oh, forget about it. If your life and your relationship don't have online presence, then they simply don't exist offline.


Increased Level of Jealousy

You need to be very careful with the pictures you are tagged in. What if you had been to some party and got pictured with your best friend's girlfriend? Can you imagine how jealous your girlfriend is going to get? And what are you going to do with that? Now, imagine that your best friend doesn't constantly post pictures of him and his partner. Sorry man, but you are in such deep trouble, as there is no way that you are going to prove your girlfriend that you are not cheating on her. So, it's better to be friends with those who have an extensive history of their relationship in pictures and posts on social media.

Increased Level of Paranoia

Opposite attracts, but there is a great probability that you are as jealous as your girlfriend is. Well, it is hard to decide which is worse, if there are photos of her with some other guys floating around social media or if there are no photos that can indicate what she's doing whenever you are around. It all comes down to you becoming overly paranoid in both cases. In the case if there are photos, she's not able to prove that those guys are just her friends, unless their profiles clearly show that they are gays. And, in the case if there are no photos, you really start wondering whether you can trust her.

Eternal Searcher

Okay, we've figured out that social media can spoil your relations with your partner. But when you are single, social media must be really helpful, right? Well, dating sites and apps can really be useful, but only in the case if you know what you want. Unfortunately, most of us don't know what we are looking for. As a result, the vast majority of online dating sites' members are eternal searchers. They register in hopes to find their perfect match, but without a clear picture of what is your perfect match, you are bound to scroll through those photos of girls forever. You chat with one girl, then you chat with another one, but your online conversations never culminate into the offline date.

It is Easier to Lie

Oh yeah, you can pick a girl from any town or any country that you want. And it is better than blind dating, as the best part of online dating is that at first, you get to know each other mentally via chatting. Sometimes, a month of chatting is enough for you to understand that your chat-mate is the one and you would like to spend the rest of your life with that person. One question remains unsolved until you see each other on your first offline date – how much can you trust your chat-mate? Online dating allows to lie about everything; you can lie about your age, as well as about your gender. So, if you are 50-years-old men, who claim to be a teenager, how can you be sure that your online girlfriend, isn't a teenage boy in real life?


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