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Ex-Zenith Ambika Srivastava on advisory board of directors of VuLiv Player

Along with Srivastava, the offline OTT start-up has also appointed former Microsoft India JMD Hemant Sachdev and former Motorola Electronics Director Rajive Chandra as the company’s advisory board of directors

Ambika Srivastava

Offline OTT start-up VuLiv Player has announced the appointment of former Microsoft India JMD Hemant Sachdev, former Zenith CEO and Chairperson Ambika Srivastava, and former Motorola Electronics Director Strategy and Business Development Rajive Chandra as the company’s advisory board of directors.

As a strategic advisor to VuLiv, Sachdev will bring his consumer facing insights in leading the company’s marketing strategy to enable top-line growth and exponential customer engagement.

Hemant Sachdev

Sachdev said, “The Indian consumer has a huge unfulfilled hunger for video content that is often limited by affordability, technical challenge, broken platform experience for consumers on one hand. On the other hand, businesses, have not fully figured out how to smartly leverage video outreach and monetise this ‘consumer hunger’. This is where VuLiv Player comes in, where one single technology platform gives consumers access to all video, multimedia content without the price tag and provide smart businesses a channel to engage with emerging market internet consumer segments. Having been a part of few exciting journeys like Airtel and Microsoft, I see video as big opportunity to reach to the mass of India. Delighted to partner with team VuLiv Player in this journey from consumer insights to profitable scale and help democratise video.”

Srivastava will be playing a pivoting role in driving media strategy communication and innovation initiatives for the brands.

Srivastava, sharing her best wishes for the brand’s brighter future, added, “Brands today are increasingly looking at unique ways of engaging with their consumers and VuLiv Player offers an opportunity to do just that, perhaps in the most engaging and effective manner. With innovations like EyeVuTM, VuLiv Player can provide engagement metrics that are compelling. I am really excited to be part of team that is driven by innovation and is focussed on cutting edge technology to drive amazing opportunities for brands.”

Chandra will be guiding the team on data science building big data and pattern recognition science to understand the behaviour of consumer and build a personalised unified recommendation engine for the platform.

Rajive Chandra

Chandra added, “I believe in the massive potential of this platform to disrupt multiple businesses and see potential to do wonders to India’s entertainment consumption pattern. India is a user generated and user oriented market therefore it is extremely important for the brands and telecom industry to acknowledge the potential of bringing offline consumers on online and stay connected. VuLiv Player has simply achieved this circuitous task with its technology innovation. It has provided a new definition to OTT Video in India.”

Manoj Kumar Gupta, Founder and CEO, VuLiv, said, “With tectonic shift in media and advertising world, consumption and creation of entertainment is an all-time high. VuLiv Player upholds this challenge of “simplifying entertainment” playback and is building a seamless transition from users generated content on device to originals OTT content online. In this journey, our advisory board’s significant expertise in consumer insights, big data analytics and brand value creation will propel us towards our vision to make VuLiv Player a global success and a trendsetter in the video space.”

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