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PC Chandra Jewellers pays tribute to mother-daughter bond

Along with Bates CHI&Partners, the brand has crafted a new wedding campaign that celebrates a relationship more precious than gold

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“Daddy’s girl” is a common phrase, but a woman is every bit a “mommy’s girl” too. There are very few bonds in the world as special as the one shared by a mother and a daughter, a bitter-sweet relationship full of highs and lows. From being the first best friend to the worst critic, a mother truly knows her daughter inside out.

In the context of the grand Indian wedding, this precious bond is often overlooked in communication. So as a tribute to this truly special bond, PC Chandra Jewellers and Bates CHI&Partners developed a new wedding campaign that celebrates this relationship that is more precious than gold. Shopping partner, fashion police, inspiration – a mother is all these things and more. And during the daughter’s wedding, all these emotions between the two are at their peak. There are little moments of discord as well as overwhelming love that leads up to the final moment of the daughter bidding farewell to her beloved mother to start a home of her own.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, who is guiding the creative team at Bates CHI&Partners India, said, “In India, we talk about the Navarasa. I was glad to see all of the Rasas in this film. Together, they make for a wonderful exploration of the mother-daughter relationship.”

Speaking about the melodious score, UK Chandra, MD, PC Chandra Jewellers, said, “I feel this is an impactful film being aired from Kolkata. The melodious song of the TVC explores a high emotion prime point in the lives of the bride and her family; it should find resonance in every heart.”

Emphasising the importance of relationship, Mayur Varma, Executive Creative Director, Bates CHI&Partners, Mumbai & Kolkata, said, “This entire film is a celebration of relationships. Relationships truly more precious than gold.”

The aim was to reach out to today’s women. Anuttama Das, GM Marketing, PC Chandra Jewellers, said, “We wanted to reach out to today’s young women. A tribute to the timeless mother-daughter bond would be the perfect way to launch our new wedding collection.”

The idea was to position the brand as timeless. Sharmista Dev, Branch Head, Bates CHI&Partners, Kolkata, said, “Amid the widening gap in attitudes and values between generations, there are some emotions that always remain unchanged. We wanted to position a timeless brand like PC Chandra Jewellers as the unchanging link between the two generations.”

The TVC:


Client: P.C. Chandra Jewellers (Wedding collection)

Agency: Bates CHI&Partners, Kolkata

Creative Team: Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Mayur Varma, Suraj Vasanthan, Kirtish Talukdar, Kamalika Baral, Debjanee Chakraborty, Uttaran Chaudhuri

Account Management and Planning Team: Sharmista Dev, Anirban Sarkar, Ritam Dey, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Devika Sharma

Production House: Rising Sun films Pvt Ltd

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