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Make your doors reflect your environment with Asian Paints Apcolite Enamel

#SlamDoorsNoMore, a campaign crafted by Tonic Worldwide, aims to make doors fun through the bittersweet banter of a new age couple

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When it comes to doing up house, doors and windows are the most neglected part. The latest campaign rolled out for Asian Paints’ brand Apcolite is all about encouraging you to have fun with your doors and windows, exploring an aspect of home decor that was hitherto largely untouched.

Tonic Worldwide, the digital agency, has created the #SlamDoorsNoMore campaign for Asian Paints Apcolite Enamel which highlights how consumers have largely neglected their doors while concentrating on other areas of home decor. The digital campaign focuses on the life of a contemporary couple, where the wife is upset with her husband's careless behaviour, venting her anger by slamming doors. In one such instance, a photograph of the couple also falls off the wall. In a bid to appease his wife, the husband transforms the door, replacing the boring nude shade with attractive colours and images, thereby transforming his wife's mood as well, defusing her anger. Doors are not for banging anymore, rather, to be admired.

Sudish Balan

Sudish Balan, Chief Business Officer, Tonic Worldwide, said, “As William Wordsworth said, if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything will appear to man as it is, infinite. This was the overarching thought, the way we treat our doors is a reflection of the environment we have created for ourselves. If a door is the first thing you see when you are about to enter your home, and if it pleases your cognitive sense, then it will elevate your mood too.”

Ashwin Dutt

Ashwin Dutt, Creative Director, Tonic Worldwide, said, “No one really bothers about decorating their doors, especially with stencils. You may use stencils on your walls but not your doors. Stencils for doors are a low involvement category and there needs to be a gradual change in perception. It's a cost-effective way to spruce up the interiors of your home. As a marketer, you live for such briefs.  No one even notices their doors.  So, we decided to create some love for the product by creating a story around doors in every household. We noticed that our TG had a unique connection with the door. Doors are used as an expression of anger. It's usually slammed in an argument to make a point. The idea was to narrate a tale that resonates with our audience and spur a conversation through our film. And that is exactly what comes out. With low involvement products, it's important to create communication that is relatable yet conveys the message.”


Amit Syngle, Chief Operating Officer, Asian Paints, said, “Asian Paints has identified themselves as a partner for consumers in creating beautiful homes. Over the last decade, we have seen wall stencils and textures becoming an integral part of the home dĂ©cor. Along with walls, furniture and other elements, doors also play a key role in accentuating the dĂ©cor of one’s home. Ideas for doors are simple, yet powerful elements of a consumer’s decor journey.”

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Chief Business Officer: Sudish Balan

Global Creative Director: Ashwin Duttz

Associate Creative Director: Nihal Gopinathan

Video Production Head: Snehal Sakpal

Art Director: Deepak Shinde

Senior Creative Associates, Films: Pravin Singh

Creative Supervisor: Kartik Shinde

Video Production: Melroy Coehlo

Sr. Manager Strategy and New Initiatives: Pratik Hatankar

Manager Strategy and New Initiatives: Avni Kanakia

Account Manager: Avita Lobo

Copywriter: Naomi Felifeli

Outreach Executive:  Ruhi Patel

Graphic Designer: Zenia Barretto

Graphic Designer: Yankit Pedamkar

Graphic designer: Shrutee Konde


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