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Toonz to spend Rs 2-3 crore on marketing in coming festive quarter, launches new TVC

Toonz’s new brand campaign began in Karnataka followed by a pan-India launch in television, print, outdoor, BTL and online

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Toonz Retail, a kids’ retail chain, has launched its first advertising campaign ideated and developed by Dentsu India. Toonz’s new brand campaign was launched in Karnataka followed by a pan-India launch later, across mediums, including television, print, outdoor, BTL activation, social media and digital media.

The company’s estimated marketing budget for the upcoming festive quarter is Rs 2 to 3 crore. Ever since its launch in 2010, Toonz has expanded its presence in 52 cities and 14 states with over 105 stores.

The new campaign targets the millennial parents, showcasing real-time parenting issues and various products Toonz offers, making it the kids’ store that parents love.

“Today’s millennial parents prefer a one-stop shop which they can trust to offer the best in terms of quality for their kids. This has been a driving force for the growth of Toonz Retail, especially in tier II and III regions,” said Sharad Venkta, CEO and MD, Toonz Retail India. “Our new campaign captures the very ethos of the different moods of millennial parents and how Toonz is a solution for all their needs for their kids from 0-12 years,” he said.

Toonz Retail’s new campaign has a TVC featuring five real parenting situations with a child. Some of the real parenting situations include the kid pooing in diaper just when parents dress him up and are ready to leave; the baby starts crying as soon as her mom sits after putting her in the cradle; the kid makes a mess of the food as soon as the father is back after picking up the toy; two boys messing up the entire room with toys; two grown-up kids are up against each other, and kids dirtying their clothes just before the birthday party is about to start.

Different moods of parents in this real-time situation are captured. In the background is an anthem mentioning the product range that Toonz has to offer for each situation and that ends with the core brand thought, “Parenting is tough, that’s why at Toonz we have a huge range of products for kids from newborn to 12 years of naughty, so that you are always prepared. Toonz the kids’ store that parents love”.

“A brand campaign gives us the opportunity to express our brand ideology and our services to the audience and creates a connect with them, showcasing the wide range of products we offer. The brand campaign will further strengthen their trust in the brand and encourage them to explore our products,” said Kaushik Tanna, Marketing Head, Toonz Retail India.

Sharmila Malekar, SVP and Branch head, Mumbai, Dentsu India, “The kids’ product and retail category has become a template – cute kids, soft glows, and the awe moments captured seem straight out of a reel world created by advertising. We found this picture to be too rosy to the point of being unrealistic. In reality, kids can be quite a handful. That is the genesis of the idea of real parenting, showcasing a realistic yet endearing imagery of kids and parents. We felt it was the right time and right opportunity to go beyond the adorable yawns and angelic looking kids to create a distinctly different yet unique imagery with Toonz. That’s what we captured in our thought – real parenting is tough.”

She added, “We took inspiration from real experiences and stories for the situations in the film. As advertising professionals, we believe the best communication is one that connects with the consumer and shows them that we understand their world. And we think the film does a good job at that. Fortunately, the brand team shared the vision for the brand and believed in the idea as much as we did, so hopefully this is just the beginning of a whole lot of good things.”

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Creative Team: Ashish Kharwatkar (Group Creative Director), Mandar Khatkul (Senior Creative Director), Gaurav Joshi (Associate Creative Director), Sameer Gharat (Art Supervisor), Sivaram Subramaniam and Vinayak Kohli (Group Heads, Copy)

Planning Team: Bibhash Banerjee (Senior Planning Director)

Account Management Team: Sharmila Malekar (SVP and Branch Head, Mumbai), Abir Banerjee (Account Director) and Remoni Sen (Account Executive)

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