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Stretch your imagination with Laban Stretchy Man’s new TVC

Conceptualised by Dentsu India, the first campaign for the Norway’s confectionery brand, which has been brought to India and localised by MTR Foods, is funny take on stretching one’s imagination

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Laban Stretchy Man, Norway’s leading selling confectionery brand that has been brought to India and localised by MTR Foods, has taken the funny route for its first brand film in the country. The TVC conceptualised by Dentsu India brings alive the key properties of Laban.

The TVC plays out an encounter between two school-going brothers and a taxi driver. When a taxi driver rudely shouts at the children who are trying to cross a busy traffic signal, the kids bring out their Laban Stretchy Men and catapult them across the street. The imaginary Stretchy Men stretch, jump and fly across the crossing and finally land on the traffic signal itself. They then proceed to dance on the lights, changing its colours in the process. This confuses the taxi driver who thinks the signal is green. When he tries to cross the signal, he gets caught by a traffic policeman who shows the taxi driver that the signal is actually red and that the taxi driver has almost broken a traffic rule by jumping a red signal. This leaves the kids laughing and feeling satisfied that they have taken their revenge on the rude taxi driver with the help of Laban Stretchy Man.

Sunay Bhasin

Commenting on the campaign, Sunay Bhasin, CMO, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd, said, “Laban is a powerful product that is capable of sparking imagination and encouraging creativity in the consumer’s minds. For its first TVC campaign, we wanted to focus on what makes Laban so unique by showcasing its differentiated properties and at the same time emphasise the true spirit of joy and playfulness that the confectionary personifies. The new TVC is fun, engaging and relatable for our consumers with a memorable jingle ‘Laban ki Pahunch Lambi Hai’ that has added to its fun aspect.”

Samrat Chengapa

Speaking about the challenge of creating communication for children, Samrat Chengapa, Senior Vice-President, Dentsu India, said, “Communicating to children is a happy problem. They’re imaginative and relish the randomness you throw at them, especially in a category that is flooded with humour. Laban is a product that is truly imaginative at the product level. And that set the platform for us to build on with a memorable jingle that captured the in-built craziness of being stretchy and human shaped.  With this TVC, we’ve managed to showcase all the fun and create a sing-along track that kids will just love. And this is just the beginning.”

The campaign will be further propelled via 360-degree initiatives, digital and on-ground branding.

The TVC:


Client: Laban

Agency: Dentsu India

Chief Creative Officer: Rahul Sengupta

Executive Creative Director: Ajesh N

Senior Creative Director: Rajesh Narasimhan

Director: Abhijit Chaudhuri Dadu

Production House: QED films

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