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Rising Star: Ankita Chemburkar, Group Head, Copy, Indigo Consulting

When her parents wanted her to pursue a career in science, she knew she was destined for something else and today Chemburkar has proved her doubters wrong

Ankita Chemburkar

Ankita Chemburkar’s parents wanted her to follow a career in the science field not unlike many other Indian parents. But her heart was not in becoming a doctor or an engineer.

“I had to haggle with them to let me pursue a media course because doing something in advertising was not common for someone in my family,” said Chemburkar.

Her parents relented and armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media, Chemburkar stepped forward into the world of advertising.

While still pursuing her course, being the complete nerd that she is, Chemburkar went ahead and did an internship while her friends were planning elaborate summer vacations.

“I did my internship with Hungama Digital, as it was called at that point in time. I was there for about two-and-a-half months. It was a really fun experience. Once I completed my course they called me back and I jumped at the opportunity. That is how my internship also gave way to my first real job.”

Before joining Indigo Consulting, Chemburkar was with iContract for about three years, two of which she spent with iContract Delhi, before she decided to move back to Mumbai.

Speaking about her experience working at Indigo Consulting, Chemburkar said, “I have been here for nine months now. The exposure I get here and the number of big clients that we work for here is pretty amazing. I feel like here, I learn and unlearn every day.”

Chemburkar believes that the most fun and challenging project that she has worked on so far is for YouTube India.

“YouTube FanFest is definitely the most challenging but also the most fun project I have worked on. So, it is basically a road show where Indian and international YouTube creators come together for one huge live performance on stage. I have always believed that I am a social media savvy person but working on this project taught me how fast social media actually is. It taught me a lot and the best part was that it was such a feel-good project.”

Another project that Chemburkar is immensely proud of is the work she did for the dating app TrulyMadly while she was with iContract.

“We helped launch the app on digital. Doing the research for this project was both interesting and fun. We took a lot of everyday insights to launch this app and of course being a part of the launch of an app was something I was never exposed to before and it was a true learning experience.”

According to Chemburkar, the fact that she is very organised is both her strength and her weakness.

“I know that a lot of copy writers hate excel sheets but I am the exact opposite. I am somebody who is not satisfied by just writing for a campaign, I am someone who wants to see it through. So, basically my strength is being super involved but I guess that is also a weakness because I tend to get too involved.”

The thing Chemburkar really likes about her job is the people she gets to meet.

“Every day I look forward to meeting and interacting with different people. The best part about this industry is the fact that you will find all kinds of people here, from engineers to data analysts. People from diverse backgrounds and diverse interests come together and create some amazing pieces together and I believe that is where I get my energy from.”

Chemburkar really likes doodling and creating comic characters and is a huge K-pop fan, so much so, that she taught herself Korean so that she could understand the lyrics.

Ask her what she would have been doing if not advertising and she is quick to reply “Professional panda caretaker”.

“Jokes aside, I really don’t know what I would be doing if not this. I really love what I do and this is where I keep learning something new every day.”

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