Puro Wellness aligns its food business with The Womb

As Puro is all set to launch its first product, salt, The Womb will help the food company achieve its vision of a healthy India

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Puro Wellness aligns its food business with The Womb

Food company Puro Wellness has aligned its branding and communications responsibilities with The Womb. Puro is all set to launch its first product – salt.

The Womb’s appointment came after protracted conversations on ways to create a strong brand that can then be the bedrock on which various products and extensions can be built.

As a contemporary food sector start-up, Puro Wellness has health at its core. It is a ‘clean label’ company that takes it beyond fads like ‘organic’, ‘natural’and ‘low-fat’.

A spokesperson from Puro Wellness, said, “Salt is like air and water. It is a primal need for life, yet so taken for granted. As India’s first clean-label company, we wanted a partner who could create dissonance even with a habitual purchase like salt, and in The Womb, we have found a thoughtful agency which not only get the emerging needs of Indians but also are adept at weaving diverse strands of thinking into cohesive brand stories. Commonly used refined salts are not only unhealthy, they are laden with harmful chemicals that are harmful in the long run. Puro’s brand challenge was very different but we could see the passion and enthusiasm in the Womb team to take this challenge head-on towards achieving Puro’s vision of a healthy India. We are confident that our healthy food solutions coupled with The Womb’s strategic andcreative skills will help us build aconnect with the masses and achieve our goal.”

Navin Talreja

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner, The Womb, said, “We are super excited to become Puro’s custodians. At the heart of the Puro brand is a great product – a salt that is infinitely better than all other salt. It is not just our pleasure, but also our responsibility to position and communicate the brand in such a manner that audiences take notice, and action. We, at The Womb, are proud to be increasingly associated with ‘good’ products.”

Kawal Shoor

Kawal Shoor, Founding Partner, The Womb, said, “You can’t help but be charged with energy when you work with Ruchir. His passionate sharing of amazing truths about salt first made us change our salt in our kitchens. Isn’t that a test – when a client doesn’t have to persuade you to become his brand’s users? There’s so much nervous excitement about converting those stories to communication – and we’re sure that the campaign will shake people up a bit, and bring Puroto the centre-stage of the salt space.”

The Womb is a two-year-old communications and innovations company started by Navin Talreja & Kawal Shoor.

Puro Wellness Pvt. Limited was established in 2016 with a vision of healthy India as a clean label company. Puro’s products are inspired by the ancient wisdom of consuming food in its natural form and straight from the source.

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