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FoxyMoron and Famous Studios partner to create a digital content lab

The full-service content lab will enable independent content creators to exploit the creative and technology resources of the studio, in addition to the grounded infrastructure the lab brings with it

FoxyMoron, an independent digital agency, has collaborated with Famous Studios, to create a digital content lab. The focus of this lab is to be able to efficiently and quickly deliver high quality video content by setting up a technology-enabled production house that is also a high-end studio, making it possible to create and manage high volumes of video outflow.

This strategic partnership to create a high-end content lab will provide brands the flexibility to pick and choose customisable, personalised video content solutions. The lab will begin with amplification for FoxyMoron’s current brand partners, aiming to improve the quality and the quantity of content solutions.

However, it will be a full-service content lab, which will also enable independent content creators to exploit the creative and technology resources of the studio, in addition to the grounded studio infrastructure that the lab brings with it. The creator community will holistically benefit through the lab’s community development initiatives in order to ensure a unique experience for their consumers by amalgamating content, video production and technology.

Suveer Bajaj

Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder, FoxyMoron, said, “With our recent investments in the development of the content space, we feel that this partnership will bring formidable change in the content arena. Famous' technology and infrastructure coupled with FoxyMoron's keen eye for creative and publishing will help give us a unique edge both for brands and publishers. Our distinctive initiative towards community development will now enable every content creator to leverage our pooled resources, resulting in an enhanced environment for the development of quality content.”

He further added, “This initiative is largely built on the back of building tools and allowing the creator community to leverage the same in order to really open up the landscape with independent creators. Our initiative is to make this India's largest maker studio that bridges the gap between talent, creators, producers, publishers and brands.”

This lab is spread across 50,000 square feet and boasts of cutting-edge technology to aid production, audio-visual, post-production and visual effects technology for content creators. The 360-degree approach offers content creators the comfort and flexibility to imagine and execute their projects, all under one roof.

Anant Roongta

“Content is the most crucial aspect of marketing today. We are proud to take this leap ahead, with which we aim to give content a completely unique outlook and we are thrilled take our studio to the next level with FoxyMoron’s creative approach to achieve great new heights. Over the years, they have grasped an in-depth knowledge of content and creativity, which when amalgamated with our high-end technology, the possibilities are infinite,” said Anant Roongta, Director, Famous Studios.

FoxyMoron is a full-service digital advertising and media solutions agency where tech geeks, creative mavericks and innovative storytellers create brand-led activities in India. Famous Studios is one of India’s oldest and most acclaimed studios with varied interests in production, post-production, animation and visual effects. It is a creative, innovative and experienced studio with the necessary tools and workflows for the execution and processing of all types of audio-visual content.

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