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PC Jeweller tells a story of togetherness with Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

R Balki has conceptualised and executed the ad film that effectively captures the sweet relationship of the star couple who were signed as brand ambassadors by the jewellery brand

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Jewellery brand P C Jeweller has launched a TV commercial featuring Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, showcasing the love and bond between the star couple that is strengthened by the exceptional jewellery gifts they exchange between them.

Accentuating the fresh and everlasting marital relationship in its latest TVC, the main message of the commercial is to give goals to couples for a fresh and everlasting married life, which has been effectively captured in the film. Kumar and Khanna were recently appointed as brand ambassadors by the jewellery brand. R Balki has conceptualised and executed the film.

R Balki

Balki said, “Real-life couples have many codes of communication and words are the last ones. Especially with the couples who have stayed together for so long. We tried to bring that chemistry into the film.”

The film starts at a drawing room scene, where Kumar enters the room and greets his wife who is working on the laptop. She asks him the year of their marriage. Kumar walks away, a little worried how his wife had forgotten the dates. Later, as Khanna enters a room with closets, she finds a few boxes of PC Jewellers. She opens and notices the price tags, which have their wedding dates etched on the, instead of the prices. She climbs downstairs to the same drawing room area where Kumar tells her that she can exchange the gift if she doesn’t like it. She responds, ‘a few things are irreplaceable.’

Balram Garg, Managing Director, PC Jeweller, said, “We are happy to associate with the star couple who truly encapsulate love and illustrate the brand's legacy of class and elegance. Our TV commercial with the star couple beautifully expresses relationship of love in every sphere. We are extremely overwhelmed with the collaboration and further wish to strengthen it.”

The TVC:


Client: PC Jeweller

Director : R Balki

Producer : Anil Naidu

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