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Hakuhodo’s campaign for Sleepwell attempts to make an emotional connect

This is the brand’s first consumer connect campaign ‘Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki’ based on the concept that the best sleep is in the comfort of a mother’s lap

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Hakuhodo India’s new television campaign - Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki - for Sleepwell is the first consumer connect communication released for the flagship brand from the Sheela Foam Group.

The TVC went on air on recently. Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki celebrates motherhood and is based on the adage that the best sleep is in the comfort of a mother’s lap. Only a mother knows her child’s preferences and would go to any extent to ensure that her child is in the most comfortable position when asleep.

Shobhit Mathur

Speaking about the campaign, Shobhit Mathur, National Creative Director, Hakuhodo India, said, “Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki is based on a mother’s care and concern for a comfortable sleep for her child. To make it as true to real life most of the cast is actual mother and child and not actors/models. This was the real challenge in putting the idea forward, we hope it makes a connect with the consumer.”

Mathur explains that while mapping Sleepwell consumer preferences, employing Sei-katsusha insight – the foundation for Hakuhodo’s thinking, planning, and brand building – the research revealed that every person’s requirement of comfort while sleeping is as unique as one’s fingerprints and only a mother’s intuition ensures that personal comfort to her child.

With this TVC, Sleepwell underlines this endeavour to provide the ultimate comfort of a mother's’ lap through personalised sleeping solutions.

Manoj Sharma

Manoj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Sleepwell, explained that the company’s new appreciation of consumers is about “People who seek maximum comfort for themselves and their loved ones. Who go at great lengths to ensure that their loved ones are in the cushiest space in life. They put premium on things that are customised to their needs.”

Sharma further said, “In line with this thought, the new television campaign Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki targeted at the consumer, demonstrates a mother’s understanding of her child’s unique sleep requirements and the extent to which she would go to ensure that her child has the most relaxed and comfortable sleep. Our sleep solutions come closest to that truly blissful sleeping experience as provided by a mother. It is this understanding that is the differentiator for the Sleepwell range of mattresses such as, My Mattress and Perfect Match, which use path breaking technologies and processes, to offer the right mattress for every individuals unique sleep requirement.”

Till recently, communication in this category has primarily been product based. However, in keeping with its leadership status, Hakuhodo India wanted Sleepwell to create an emotional bond with the consumers.

Saptarshi SenGupta

“We are sure that viewers will be able to relate with the sequences depicted in the campaign, which are across different age groups as a mother’s love for a child remains throughout a child’s life no matter what their age”, added Saptarshi SenGupta, Senior VP, Hakuhodo India.

The TVC:


Client: Sleepwell

Brand/Product: Sleepwell Mattress

Agency: Hakuhodo India

National Creative Director: Shobhit Mathur

Senior VP, Servicing: Saptarshi Sengupta

Client Servicing Director: Chiranjeeb Dey

CD Copy: Arindam Roy

ACD Art: Dhruv Sharma

Account Manager: Mita Singh

Director: Arun Gopalan

Production House: Storytellers

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