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Campus Shoes dons a new avatar in rebranding exercise

With a new logo in a unique colour palette and design, renewed ideology and new consum-er-connect experience, Campus is aiming to gain a wider share in the Indian and interna-tional markets. The company has also chosen Varun Dhawan and actress Aisha Sharma as its brand ambassadors

Sports shoe brand Campus is going all out through a major rebranding drive. This initiative will help focus the company on a renewed standard of excellence, as it looks to position its brand portfolio for accelerated growth and expansion.

With the new logo in unique colour palette and design, renewed ideology and new consumer-connect experience through EBOs, Campus (launched in 1997) is aiming to gain a wider share in the Indian as well as the international markets.

Campus’ new logo emphasises on progressive and younger designs. The new logo now has a slight shift of the Curve of Inspiration (the swoosh) from the middle to the right, which shows a change in the mindset the focus shifting from ‘I’ to ‘Us’.

Further, eyeing to position as the best youthful, aspirational and performance-oriented brand, Campus,will be launching new ‘Camptech’ technology-based products in the market.

In order to connect with the youth, the company has chosen Varun Dhawan and actress Aisha Sharma as their brand ambassadors. Being young, they portray a blend of talent, fitness, dynamism and popularity that will surely complement Campus Shoes’ new ideology of being a stylish, fashion-forward and fitness-conscious brand that offers features like comfort fit, extra cushioning, extra flexibility, light weight and springy fit.

Nikhil Agarwal, CEO, Campus Shoes, said, “With all the efforts and new strategies in place, in next few years, Campus will definitely establish itself as a modern, premium, youthful, vibrant and stellar shoe brand in the market that is backed by technology and encourages performance and active lifestyle of young India.”

Capitalising on the new marketing campaign, the brand’s shoes will be made using superior breathable fabric and have reduced bending resistance and more slip resistance for a better performance. They will come with high-rebound cushioning and also high-destiny shock-absorbing material for less ground impact. The main focus of the new technology would be active-cool technology, ultra-light weight, flexi-sole, toe-to-heel balance, dual mid-sole, springy-fit and slip-resistant.

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