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Biba talks about body shaming in its latest spot #ChangeTheQuestion

Conceptualised by Brandmovers, the campaign for ‘Biba Girls’ aims to spread the concept of body positivity and make the world a happier place

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‘Biba Girls’, a collection for young girls between 2 and 15 years from the house of Biba, has rolled a digital campaign, ‘ChangeTheQuestion’, that talks about body shaming. Through this film, the brand aims to spread the concept of body positivity.

The latest film is an extension to Biba’s ongoing campaign series, 'Change', which highlighted gender roles in arranged marriages and dowry system. The brand aims to highlight societal issues Indian women face these days through its campaigns.

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Conceptualised by Brandmovers, #ChangeTheQuestion film opens with a conversation between a couple while they are getting ready for an evening outing when they are interrupted by their daughter, who is dressed in her ethnic dress. When her father says she is looking as beautiful as her mother, she asks ‘Am I looking fat?’ just like her mother asks. The film reiterates the thought that ‘We are beautiful in our own way'.

These days even young girls feel insecure about their looks and appearance and have the pressure to look stylish all the time and hence Biba came up with the idea of the campaign to teach young girls to enjoy their adolescence.

Siddharth Bindra

Siddharth Bindra, Managing Director, Biba, said, “It’s the success of our earlier films and the conversations; they sparked the urge to create another film. We realised that in whatever way, we were bringing about a shift in people’s lives and perspectives. Similarly, this film touches the topic of negative body image tactfully and how it’s a growing concern not only among women but young girls too. The film delivers a strong message through a very sweet story that is sure to have an impact on the audiences.”

Suva Ghosh

Suva Ghosh, Chief Creative Officer, Brandmovers India, said, “Just like our earlier films that we have created for Biba, the idea was to initiate a wave of change. We were working on a very strong insight with this film – women all over the world are worried about the way they look. We spoke to a lot of people and realised that the problem ran deep – a simple question like ‘Am I looking fat?’ can be damaging not just to themselves, but also to people around them. We are to be blamed for the world we are shaping; with such campaigns we are trying to strive to make the world a happier and a better one.”


The brand always wants to remain relevant to its consumers and aims to raise societal issues that need to be addressed positively. It said it will continue to do the same through interesting videos which comes once in a year or even less, the brand shared.

As a part of the film, it showed the ethnic dress of the young girl. Indirectly the brand was trying to promote ethnic wear for girls but there was no promotion. Why? “The film is about Biba and there is a clear connect with the brand. Talking about Biba Girls, we have created a separate film for it which will come on national television by the end of this week. By getting a film on Biba Girls, I’m hoping the category gets established as an additional category,” Bindra stated.

Adding, Ghosh, explained, “Instead of bringing product first, we tried to do brand stories on digital. For the campaign, we have come up with a microsite where people are coming in and saying that what other questions can be asked instead of asking ‘Am I fat’? All questions are getting collected on our microsite and at the end of the campaign we will be putting all these questions and tag Biba Girls.”

But other brands also come up with the concept of feminism and body shaming. So, what makes Biba different from others?

Ghosh said, “Brands have done body shaming in different ways but I don’t think anyone has tackled an issue which is so relevant and important. We are going to tackle a perception that comes at a very early age and I don’t remember any other brand that has tackled this thing in India.”

Usually brands talk to youngsters but Biba this time has tried to connect with mothers as children get influenced by what their parents say in front of them. So, it’s the responsibility of the mothers to understand about what should not be said in front of children, the brand suggested.

The brand has plans to promote the film through Facebook at this point along with some PR activity and digital community.


Client: Biba

Creative Agency: Brandmovers India

MD: Siddharth Bindra

Managing director and Chief Creative Officer: Suvajyoti Ghosh

Account Management: ShrutiMaheshwari, DeepeshSurve

Production House: Chalk and Cheese

Director & D.O.P: Setu

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