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‘Where do you want to be kissed?’ asks ITC Engage in its sensual spot

Conceptualised by JWT, the new TVC is a refreshing take on playful chemistry and beautifully captures the desire in courtship, romance and sensuality that the fragrance evokes

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

ITC’s fragrance brand Engage has unveiled a new thematic campaign to introduce its range of pure intense perfume sprays for men and women. In the new television commercial, Engage reflects on its brand core to capture the excitement of couples in love, engaging in playful chemistry. It highlights the pulse points in the body that are best for spritzing and make the fragrance last longer. The campaign is conceptualised by JWT.

The film directed by Whitelight Films’ Subir Chatterjee and Namita Roy Ghose explores an important aspect of desire. The TVC opens with a woman standing in front of a mirror. She picks up a bottle of Engage perfume and sprays a little on the nape of her neck. Instantly, a man’s reflection appears in the mirror. He gently places a kiss on her neck. But as she turns to look at him she realises that she was fantasising. Fascinated, she sprays again on the other side of her neck and he is magically back again. She then naughtily sprays Engage here and there and enjoys the moment.

Meanwhile in the man’s room, Engage kindles a similar fantasy of playful romance. As Engage envelops him in its fragrance, the woman’s hands glide over him. They can’t wait to bring the fantasy alive and are excited to see each other. The film is a refreshing new take on playful chemistry and beautifully captures desire in courtship, romance and sensuality that the fragrance evokes. Where do you want to be kissed?

Tista Sen

Tista Sen, SVP and National Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson, said, “The new communication focuses on the longing and yearning that perfume can evoke in romance. Imagination and fantasy is captured through young lovers who cannot wait to meet. Perfume on the pulse points heightens 'playful chemistry', which is the raison d'être of the brand, and brings lovers together through a powerful line that says it all: where do you want to be kissed?”

Sameer Satpathy

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive Personal Care Products Business, ITC, added, “Engage is synonymous with the proposition of ‘playful chemistry’, and the new thematic campaign ‘The Fantasy’ further reinforces its strong credentials as a perfume of choice for couples in love. With the evolving attitude and lifestyle of consumers, the segment offers an enormous opportunity to educate and drive category growth. Spritzing on pulse points is an important aspect rooted in the core of desirability and a perfume spray’s functionality.”



Client: Engage, ITC

Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Kolkata

SVP & National Creative Director: Tista Sen

Senior Creative Director: Simone Patrick

VP & EBD: Ayan Chakraborty

AVP: Soumya Chowdhury

Account Director: Sreemoyee Dutta

National Planning Director:  Mythili Chandrasekar

Production House:  White Light Moving Picture Company Pvt Ltd

Director:  Namita Roy Ghose and Subir Chatterjee

Producer: White Light

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