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Omnicom Media Group partners with Spikes Asia to present TechTalks

To collaborate with Blis on a session demonstrating the advances in location-based targeting

The Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity will continue its showcase of the latest technology currently shaping the creative media landscape, through its TechTalks segment, sponsored by Omnicom Media Group. The three-day festival will feature TechTalks on the Innovation stage.

TechTalks will present a total of seven curated talks across the three days of the festival from leaders of APAC’s most forward-thinking digital media and marketing companies. Delegates will meet and hear from the people behind emerging technologies, who will showcase their products to the creative and media communities providing awareness of new digital tools and fostering new ideas of innovative product marketing.

“There is no greater driver of societal change than technology. That’s why Omnicom Media Group is proud to be partnering again with Spikes Asia to present TechTalks, a showcase of how the latest and greatest technology will enhance our daily lives. It’s a lens into the future and allows us to more effectively predict consumer behaviour and media consumption habits. Habits driven by our interaction with the internet, new interfaces and new infrastructures. Interactions that provide the platform for immersive, engaging experiences that connect brands with consumers,” said Cheuk Chiang, CEO, Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group.

This year Omnicom Media Group will collaborate with Blis to present a session on how brands can leverage powerful insights by using historical movement data to discover where consumers have been and where they are going next.

Lee Smith

“Our session with Blis will explore how technology continues to enhance location-based targeting services and how marketers now have a huge opportunity to leverage the power of location to engage consumers and grow their brands,” said Lee Smith, APAC CEO Annalect (part of Omnicom Media Group).

Regina Goh

“We’re thrilled to partner with Omnicom Media Group at Spikes Asia this year to explore how movement and location data planning techniques drive smarter audience targeting, predict consumer location behaviour and intent and most importantly, drive footfall for advertisers. We hope that through our session, we can encourage more brands and marketers across the region to forge a strong emotional connection with their target audience through the power of location,” said Regina Goh, Managing Director (Asia) at Blis, and a speaker for the session along with Lee Smith.

Along with TechTalks, Spikes Asia has a programme of inspiring seminars, forums, networking events and awards. The festival takes place at Suntec Singapore from 27-29th September

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