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Connecting with the future of the Indian telecom industry

India, with its billions of mobile phone subscribers, has emerged to be a land of opportunity for telecom service providers (telcos). Among those, millions are equipped with Internet connectivity via their mobile devices that adds a new dimension to this paradigm, disrupting how telcos look at this market. To closely examine this evolving telecom landscape, Facebook collaborated with global research consultancy Kantar TNS to bring out some key insights* into the new business normal that telcos need to be prepared for.

We now manage our personal lives through our mobile devices, and we expect everything we consume – news, videos, even ads – to be individually tailored to our interests. Kantar TNS thus notes greater scope for newer customer segmentation by telecom service providers. While telcos are constantly re-engineering and upgrading their infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity and uninterrupted services, they are also fighting a raging battle against customer churn. In the face of this competitive landscape, where each telecom service provider is hustling to emerge on top of the food chain, the pressure to acquire and retain customers is immense.

People crave connectivity, without the cost: Make data a priority

Kantar TNS research points out how consumers look for constant connectivity but telcos need to address a critical roadblock here – cost, especially for internet services or data. Their research reveals that high data costs and lower data speeds are two of the most significant reasons for less frequent internet usage.

Kantar TNS finds that people are accessing the internet for payments, shopping, social media, and various other activities which makes attractive data plans popular. The Indian consumer's behavior is changing, with a good internet connection fast becoming a basic human need. More than 33% of surveyed users - across the online activities spectrum- showed a particular interest in consuming content that helped them discover new things, such as blogs, social media posts by celebrities, friends, etc., as well as content that entertains. Video, movies, and music is being streamed online- yet another area where users expect customized content.

Social attracts people online; video becomes the ‘new voice’

Be it the fear of missing out, the desire to learn, the ache for entertainment, or the need for engagement during travel, consumers are constantly online. Social media takes up most bandwidth here. In fact, Kantar TNS noted that social is the key online attraction for more than 70% of surveyed individuals. Video, being hailed as the ‘new voice’, also plays a pivotal role here. Platforms such as Facebook remain one of the hot favorite destinations for consuming video; streaming and online viewing has become part of the daily routine for thousands of consumers. Telcos can embrace these platforms as a medium to connect with consumers.

Dial-in to Facebook to unlock opportunities

So, how can telcos start accomplishing their goals? By trusting Facebook to guide you through your biggest marketing challenges. With over 201 million monthly active users in India alone, Facebook has been successful in driving customers for businesses across verticals, from discovery through purchase and beyond. Our family of apps and services have been built with mobile audiences in mind, and hold the key to unlocking the future of the telecom industry. Telecom giant Vodafone, for instance, has successfully leveraged Facebook on its SuperNet 4G cross-media campaign to reach out to specific audiences that TV could not reach effectively and also directing more people to its website for plan upgrades.

Facebook’s marketing solutions help telco marketers convert customers at every step of the purchase journey – right from discovery to research to purchase and even post-purchase.

Marketers, key in to consumer needs and expectations

A thorough understanding of consumer needs and expectations will set the Indian telecom market leaders apart. Telcos should personalize promotions, campaigns, and service interventions along the entire customer journey using digital touch points effectively to influence customers preferences.

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Source: *Consumer research study, conducted by global research consultancy, Kantar TNS for Facebook. The study findings are based on the evaluations of 2498 regular internet users (male and female in the age group of 18-45, owning a smartphone), living in 12 markets across metropolitan and Tier 1 cities of India. The study was carried out in December 2016.

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