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Republic World to have virtual reality journalism

Republic World,the digital platform, will be launched in few days, which will also be completely new content from what is covered for the television channel

While ARG Outlier is still in process of launching its digital platform Republic World, Founder Arnab Goswami has already announced stage two which will be virtual reality journalism.

Goswami was speaking at a panel discussion at the Zee Melt 2017. On the sidelines of the event, BestMediaInfo spoke with him about this new stream of journalism.

With immense confidence, Goswami said, “It will be a new stream altogether. We are doing virtual reality journalism. We have got our VR cameras, VR studio, and we are shooting in VR and producing VR content.”

According to Goswami, the virtual reality journalism will be a never been done before technology. “We have got a bunch of people who are working with us. We also have a few American collaborations on this. It will be a free service,” informed Goswami.

“Republic World will be available on all native devices and it will take the channel to new levels and that would be original journalism,” claimed Goswami. “It won’t be what we are shooting on TV and shown on virtual format as well. We will shoot it in VR.”

Jay Chauhan, COO, Republic TV, spoke about the venture in an official communiqué. “Virtual Reality is the first of our initiatives to bring new content experiences to our audiences. It's a cool way of storytelling because it transports people right to where the action is - no barriers stand in the way. Besides it also opens up new monetisation opportunities for us,” said Chauhan.

He further added, “Our VR content will be available on, as a new stream and our newly constituted VR Cell built in collaboration with experts from across the globe will begin rolling out amazing VR content in the weeks ahead.”

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