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Publicis Groupe Agencies to take a year's break from industry events and awards

The group will shift its promotional budget from industry events to focus its investment on developing the company’s technology base. It will resume participation in awards in September 2018

Publicis Groupe to take a year off from participating in industry events and will resume participation in industry events in September 2018. Publicis Groupe will shift its promotional budget from industry events to focus its investment on developing the company’s technology base.

A press note from the company website stated, “After the acquisition of Sapient with its world-class technology expertise, and after having broken the barriers between our different entities to form Solution hubs, Publicis Groupe builds the platform of the future: Marcel.”

Chairman & CEO, Arthur Sadoun, has announced the next step of The Power of One, initiated in 2015 by Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe.

In June 2018, Publicis Groupe plans to launch Marcel exclusively at Viva Technology, an event for technology and innovation, in Paris.

Marcel will be the first-ever professional assistant platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, that connects 80,000 employees across 200 disciplines in 130 countries. Marcel draws on the predictive nature of AI to identify opportunities, anticipate clients’ needs, connect people, and unleash creativity while harnessing the power of the Groupe’s data spine to drive business solutions.

The note further stated, “Marcel's features are inspired by the results of Publicis Groupe’s global talent survey conducted in 2017, revealing authentic insight about how the people within our company want to work in the future. Marcel will give Publicis Groupe newfound opportunities to connect diverse and extreme skillsets seamlessly – designers with data scientists, robotics with retail specialists, consultants with creators, and the possibilities are endless, business solutions infinite, all at the service of our clients.”

Arthur Sadoun, Chairman and CEO, said, “Marcel is another milestone in our ambition to become a platform at the service of our clients. Make no mistake, it is an operational transformation. We are one of the last industries that has yet to unleash the power of every individual thanks to technology. It’s time to draw a line in the sand for our people.”

Carla Serrano, Chief Strategy Officer, further said, “We are applying the strategy we recommend to our clients to ourselves – future-proof your business by delivering valued experiences to your clients, your partners and especially your employees. With Marcel, every person that works at Publicis will come face-to-face with their best work.”

Mark Tutssel, Creative Chairman of Publicis Communications, added, “Marcel is a platform for talent and creativity without borders. It unleashes the collective creative firepower of the Groupe, and is a springboard for the infinite potential of ideas.”

The note available on the company website ended with the statement, “Named after Marcel Bleustein Blanchet, the founder of Publicis and a creative visionary who once said, ‘An entrepreneur is a person who leaves the least amount of time between an idea and its execution.’ Marcel will allow just that.”


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