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MN+ announces ‘Talking Films’ with Kunal Kapoor

Starting July 3, the special film festival aims to encourage movie lovers to develop a deeper understanding and love for the art of cinema

MN+ has announced the launch of a special film festival ‘Talking Films’ starting from July 3 every Monday to Friday at 7 pm. A compilation of must-watch movies from Hollywood, ‘Talking Films’ aims to encourage cinema lovers to develop a deeper understanding and love for the art of cinema. 

Lending credence to this special property is actor Kunal Kapoor of Rang De Basanti fame who sheds light on his muses, inspirations and aha moments from his favourite Hollywood movies. Kapoor will share interesting stories and little known behind-the-scenes trivia on each of these movies, offering a new perspective to Cinephiles.

Commenting on his association with MN+, Kapoor said, “As an actor, I always look for inspiration to do something innovative each time I go in front of the camera. I want to be a part of movies that define cinema and demand repeat viewing for the sheer quality of direction, writing, cinematography and performances. So, when MN+ approached me for their property ‘Talking Films’, I was really impressed with this idea of showcasing Hollywood masterpieces for the channel. I feel we should encourage cinema lovers to develop a deeper understanding and love for the art of cinema. I’m personally a big fan of some of the movies that are going to be aired like ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘Theory of Everything’, ‘Creed’, ‘Goodwill Hunting’, ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Interstellar’, to name a few. I’m really excited to watch these movies on MN+ and I want to tell the audience that these are a must watch for them too.”

Commenting on the property, Sonal Khanduja, Vice-President, Programming, EEC Cluster, Times Network, said, “At MN+ we believe in an innovative approach to cinema and constantly strive to offer something fresh and exciting to our viewers. In the past we have created festivals like Great Adaptations and Pathbreakers which became the talk of the town. Our content line-up features the absolute gems of Hollywood and with Talking Films we are taking it one step forward by focusing on the art of cinema. We are confident that this will appeal to our viewer base of discerning movie lovers / appeal to the discerning movie lover.”

‘With ‘Talking Films’, MN+ will air award-winning and genre-defining contemporary Hollywood movies like Schindler’s List, Casino, The Prestige, Signs, Goodfellas, Gone Girl and Rain Man among others.


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