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Tata Capital’s ‘Salaam Loans’ to give wings to ambitions

With an aim to help the needy and deserving people, Tata Capital started this initiative where a video telling the story has to be posted online. A loan is approved if it gets over 1,000 likes on social media

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Tata Capital recently launched ‘Salaam Loans’ under the company’s ‘Do Right’ initiative to extend loans to deserving individuals who may typically not have access to organised credit.

‘Salaam Loans’ is a first-of-a-kind initiative to encourage these deserving people by giving them their ‘#LoanKaHaq’. It does so by democratising the process of loan approval – for the first time ever, the power of loan approval is in the hands of people, as the public at large will be called upon to ‘salaam’ the stories of such deserving individuals. All one has to do is to submit their story, or stories of people they know, on Tata Capital, within a week, will provide a loan to the people whose stories get over 1000 likes.


Creative agency Leo Burnett has conceptualised this idea with Tata Capital. The digital film follows the journey of a young man whose dream is to re-open his now deceased father’s bakery and is running from pillar to post in the hope of a loan, but is unable to gather the funds required to do so. After facing refusal from each and every financial institution he approaches, he finally fulfils his dream with the help of a timely loan from Tata Capital Salaam Loans.

The TVC:


Speaking about the innovative offering, Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia said, “Not all of us are privileged to get a loan for our needs. Banks often reject applications based on financial background. What Salaam Loans wants to do is to be able to provide loans to people who really need it and desire to start small businesses.”

He further explained the working and on the approval of such loans, “The concept is simple. The person who needs a specific amount needs to send a video of his business and people on social media will decide his credibility and vote for him. If a video gets over 1000 likes, then the loan is approved to a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh. As educated people, we act as catalysts in helping these people get a loan. We may in some way make a video for someone who we know and post it online and take the first step for their dream. Indeed, an initiative which fits the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India and opens doors for a million Indians to get started with their dreams and is literally democratising the process of loan approval.”

Commenting on this campaign, Veetika Deoras, COO, Digital Vertical and Head, Brand Marketing and Corporate Communication, said, “The proposition of the Tata Capital brand is that, we only do what’s right for you, and as a purpose-led brand we have always believed in doing right by all our stakeholders. Salaam Loans, a true embodiment of that spirit, is a unique and innovative loan product, which specifically caters to the needs of those individuals who are otherwise denied access to organised credit. The product provides these individuals their #LoanKaHaq by handing over the first layer of filtration to the public. Leo Burnett has been a key partner for us in this initiative and has been instrumental in crafting the positioning for the campaign.”

Tata Capital started the journey by asking people to help them identify the biggest challenges that India faces. And in response they identified top five causes as basic healthcare, illiteracy, food scarcity, child rights and women empowerment. Tata Capital at every stop promises to address these challenges through the lens of individual incomplete stories. It depicted the stories of various individuals belonging to various cities, and the help being provided to them by Do Righters.

On a digital platform, a survey was conducted by Tata Capital in which 12.7 per cent of Indians voted for food scarcity as one of the challenge, which further led them to their first destination on the Journey of Doing Right, The Little Rann of Kutch! And it was clear that people in that region suffered from scarcity of proper food. With people’s and Do Righters contributions and support, 20 Wicking Beds were being planted across three areas and a local NGO in Kharaghoda district had taken up the responsibility of maintaining all 20 Wicking Beds. There were two purposes behind building the Wicking Beds in the Little Rann of Kutch -- one was to provide food security for the people there and the other was to demonstrate that if food can grow in the middle of the desert with this ingenious solution, then this practice can be replicated across the country addressing the challenge of food scarcity.


In the survey conducted by Tata Capital, the citizens identified illiteracy as the biggest challenge faced by our nation, with 18.78 per cent votes in the India4India Survey. Tata Capital covered the story of Ajeet Singh who was concerned about the vast number of children wandering around aimlessly began the Varanasi boat school on the banks of the Ganga. The boat school has served its purpose exceedingly well by providing the children with basic education like reading, writing and arithmetic. But he needed support to give the kids an ideal environment to learn. And with the support of Do Righters necessary facilities like a library, educational toys, stationery, a computer and a painting kit, created the most magical environment for these children further eradicating the challenge of illiteracy in the small town of Varanasi.

The integrated campaign has touch-points on digital, radio, outdoor and social media. While people can visit to upload their stories, there are other accessible touch-points for them to write in. For the ones with no access to the internet, on-ground booths across various locations have been set up, including one such booth in Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum. The charity can only better one’s present, but providing a timely opportunity can change one’s future.


Chief Executive Officer, Leo Burnett South Asia & Publicis Communications India: Saurabh Varma

Chief Creative Officer, South Asia: Rajdeepak Das

Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia: Dheeraj Sinha

Business Head: Oindrila Roy

Executive Creative Director: Vikram Pandey

Creative Team: Geo Joseph, Sagar Parab, Bhuvan Bali, Yash Ambre, Gaurav Bumb, Vipul Joshi

Account Management:  Neil Mogre, Hemal Thakkar

Digital Agency: Indigo Consulting

Vice-President: Saurabh Mankhand

National Creative Director: Navin Kansal

Client Service Director: Ameya Mukund Mohane

Account Director: Rohan Ichaporia

Account Manager: Naresh Nair

Creative Team: Priyanka Gopal, Anamika George, Shaili Contractor, Gaurang Bailoor, Yatin Tondawalkar, Pankaj Bari, Sacchidanand Chavan

Production House: Prodigious

Executive Producer: Vandana Watsa

Producer: Akshay Multani, Anup Das

Associate Producer: Rajdeep Rahi

Film Director: Joyeeta Patpatia, Mohit Israney

Assistant Director: Seap Chadda, Abhishek Parmar

DOP: Manoj Lobo, Titu K Jena

Line Producer: Bhupesh Pathak

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