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India Today fields a new face to counter Arnab Goswami’s Republic

India Today Television and Republic had their first round of sparring in the outdoor media space with two similar hoardings installed side by side

India Today has tried to put its best foot forward against its upcoming competitor Republic, surprisingly pitting a new face like Anjana Om Kashyap against a seasoned journalist like Arnab Goswami. TV Today Network tried to use the same style to give it back to its upcoming competitor. The channel's aggressive marketing is also aimed at launch of Kashyap who has replaced Karan Thapar in 'To the Point'.

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India Today Television and Republic had their first round of showdown in the outdoor media space as the two got similar hoardings installed alongside. One would have not noticed the competitive advertising strategy of India Today had there been a more experienced and established face to compete with Goswami’s.

While Kashyap has been in journalism for about 14 years, she has been the face of Hindi news throughout her career span. For viewers of English news, Kashyap is a whole new face while Goswami is just like their daily dose of ‘infotainment’. Had India Today brought to the fore more established anchors like Rajdeep Sardesai or Rahul Kanwal, the discussion would have been taken to another level.

On the other hand, who in the country hasn’t seen the massive hype created around Goswami’s Republic? The only thing that the nation wants to know now is its launch date.

One would not have missed the immense coverage that Goswami received in the last six months after he parted ways with his employer of 12 years, Times Network. If at all someone has skipped noticing all that unpaid coverage, the latest push on the traditional and new media platforms is sure to grab your attention.

A hoarding with Goswami’s face on one side of the advertisement and the bold logo of Republic on the other half, along with Arnab -- ‘With you soon’ written on it, wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

The oldest TV news network in the country put up hoardings across Delhi, alongside Republic’s display of ‘authentic journalism’.

The creative similarities of the India Today Television ads are bound to evince interest. While Kashyap covers half of the hoarding, the other half has the logo of the channel with the line, ‘Anjana (in bold) -- ‘Reached and Waiting’ in the same style as the Republic ad.

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Kashyap is better known for having hosted the daily debate show Halla Bol and audience-based election debate shows, Rajtilak and Dilli Ke Dil Mein Kya Hai on Aaj Tak, along with Badi Behas and Do Took previously in her career. Goswami, on the other hand, had captured a significant mindspace of the English news viewer because of his famous ‘The Newshour’.

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The competition is out in the open and it is going to be tough. As of now, however, it is Times Now that is consistently leading the flock with the No. 2 far behind. The second spot is quite a fight between CNN News18, India Today Television and NDTV24x7.

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