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‘1100 Days of Modi’, new series on BTVi

Viewers can watch discussions between eminent experts around the key metrics of India’s economic performance and on the possibilities of new investment opportunities

The NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in power since May 2016 and nearly the 1,100 days since then have seen the government take a number of steps, including on the economic front to enhance growth in the country.

In order to take stock of the economic performance of the Modi government, Business Television India (BTVi) has begun a new series ‘1100 Days Of Modi’ that includes several shows that highlight multiple aspects of the Indian economy, business and the stock markets. The programming began with a hard-hitting show on why global ratings agencies are not re-rating India despite multiple improvements in the macro-economic framework of the country and put the agencies on the mat for this inexplicable stance.

Siddharth Zarabi

Siddharth Zarabi, Executive Editor, BTVi, said, “The period since May 2014 has been one of significant all-round change, with the central government taking numerous steps to fix many vital parts of the economy. The reforms scorecard is pretty impressive and has the potential to propel India to a path of high and sustainable GDP growth.”

“At BTVI, we are taking stock of the performance so far and are presenting an economic reforms scorecard for our viewers to grasp not just the most recent, but the overall trajectory of economic changes since Prime Minister Modi assumed power. Our coverage is based on the recognition that business TV viewers in India are sophisticated and need more insightful information and intelligent analysis,” Zarabi added.


Viewers will have the chance to watch engaging discussions between eminent experts around the real and key metrics of India’s economic performance and be able to ascertain the possibilities of new investment opportunities that the recent policy changes offer for both Indian as well as overseas investors. The series remains on air during the coming fortnight.

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