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Tetra Pak India continues ‘Go green’ initiative, encourages recycling of cartons

Conceptualised by McCann Health, the ‘Cartons le aao, classroom banao’ campaign encourages consumers to adopt green practices by depositing used paper-based Tetra Pak cartons for recycling at collection centres. Such cartons can be used to make desks, notepads, exam pads and even roofing sheets for the less privileged

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Tetra Pak, the packaging and processing solutions provider, recently partnered with McCann Health India for the launch of its latest campaign ‘Carton le aao, classroom banao’ (bring cartons and build a classroom). The initiative is in line with its efforts to raise awareness and encourage recycling of used cartons and a part of its on-going flagship programme ‘Go green with Tetra Pak.’

Since the beginning of the Go green campaign in 2010, 1.8 million cartons have already been collected and recycled and 250 school desks have been provided to schools for the lesser privileged through this campaign.

The campaign is a multi-city one and the first leg in Mumbai has been undertaken in collaboration with retail chains Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart and Sahakari Bhandar and with NGO RUR Greenlife, a Mumbai-based environment organisation at the forefront of promoting recycling.

The campaign shows how a kid is collecting used Tetra Pak cartons at home. A background score ‘Ek carton, do carton, teen carton, chaar…’ talks about depositing used cartons at the collection centres. The video shows various situations at home, in the kitchen at the play area, a breakfast table and so on from where the kid fetches the used cartons of cooking oil, juice packs, milk cartons and others, flattens them with the help of his grandfather, and takes them to the collection centre. The video closes with the kid’s mother giving out the key message of recycling Tetra Paks and the purpose of his child collecting those cartons.

“The ‘Cartons le aao, classroom banao’ initiative is aimed at bringing a behavioural change in consumers towards adopting green practices by encouraging them to deposit used paper-based Tetra Pak cartons for recycling at various collection centres,” said Jaideep Gokhale, Communications Director, South Asia Markets, Tetra Pak.

Tetra Pak cartons are paper-based and fully recyclable and can be used to make several useful products such as desks, notepads, exam pads and even roofing sheets.

“This is a great initiative to encourage India to go green not just with environment but with health as well. This is well aligned with PM’s vision of Swacch Bharat but also allows citizens to give back to society by doing something good that is by recycling a valuable resource into something useful that benefits certain sections of society,” added Dr Harshit Jain, Marketing Director APAC and Senior Vice-President and Country Head, India.

To take the campaign message to Mumbaikars across the city, Tetra Pak has also tied up with the Dabbawala association as part of the campaign. Mumbaikars will soon receive a ‘special message’ delivered to their doorstep, along with their dabba (tiffins), encouraging them to recycle their used Tetra Pak cartons.

The TVC:



Client: Tetra Pak India

Agency: McCann Health, India

Country Head: Harshit Jain

General Manager: Preetha Vasanji

Executive Creative Director: Rajesh Rai and Dinesh Goshalkar

Account management: Ashok Karotia


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