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Stories are everywhere, says Instagram’s new campaign

Conceptualised by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the campaign is multi-channel and presents the world through the lens of Instagram stories

Enough is written about Facebook introducing stories on all of its platforms and how it’s trying to destroy Snapchat. But here’s the latest news from Facebook’s photo application – Instagram.

Instagram recently launched a global campaign promoting its stories feature. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has done this first global work for Instagram.

The campaign is a multi-channel, integrated initiative that presents the world through the lens of Instagram stories. Inspired by the Instagram community using the stories’ tools, it demonstrates the infinite ways that stickers, boomerang, brushes and the live function can help turn any moment into something special, hence concluding that ‘Stories are everywhere.’

Reflecting how the platform behaves, the campaign’s executions are intended to inspire and excite the audience about the many possibilities available to express themselves. Film content presents small, unexpected moments that are instantly sharable and dynamic outdoor is contextual to the user’s environment. Within the Instagram app, function drivers educate users about the array of features. These executions playfully work together to remind users that Instagram Stories is the place to share life’s highlights and all the casual, everyday moments in between.

Speaking about the campaign, an Instagram spokesperson said, “Instagram is launching its first global stories campaign, starting with three cities – Philadelphia, Cologne and Milan. Inspired by the community, the creative showcases the endless ways Instagram Stories can make any moment more fun.”

The spokesperson added, “We are intentionally mirroring the experience of the stories in these cityscape executions to show how any moment can spur surprise and delight and is sharable on Instagram. By shedding light on these expressions through a combination of out of home, digital out of home, on and off platform digital video and cinema, our goal is to reflect the community’s diversity, help unleash the potential of every moment and show the community that stories are everywhere.”

On making this Instagram campaign, Clare Pickens, Group Account Director, W+K Amsterdam, said, “As frequent users of Instagram, the entire team was excited by the launch of new Stories features and quickly began exploring ways to use these tools. We were inspired by the platform both through the behaviour of diverse user groups and community interactions. Whether you love pineapples, dancing horses, inspirational quotes, ramen hair, fashion week or March madness you can find it on Instagram, and you can find someone else who loves it too.”

Pickens added, “Embracing the challenge to bring these new developments to such a wide range of people motivated us to fast paced prototyping and creation directly on the platform. Celebrating life’s every day moments in epic and entertaining ways through Instagram Stories was a dream assignment for the team.”

To know what the young digital agency professionals think about Instagram Stories’ latest campaign, spoke to The Glitch and Salt Brand Solutions. Here is what they had to say:

Varun Duggirala

Varun Duggirala, Co-Founder, The Glitch, said, “In popular culture, Stories as a category of content might have been started by Snapchat but it’s Instagram and more so Facebook (across their ecosystem) that’s truly expanded it as a medium of expression on social media. So looking at that context, this campaign is just driving the point that stories are a global phenomenon and it’s something Instagram has truly made its own.”

Rishi Chanana

Rishi Chanana, Executive Creative Director, Salt Brand Solutions, said, “Cute campaign yet effective I feel. Makes you smile when you see these small videos. Videos because the way it’s been made that is way too distinct to be called as films. Instigating the viewer to play more with Instagram and convert more of your own moments into stories, making the campaign relevant in a very young, playful tone and manner. Depicting the role of the product in very light hearted naughty way, which stands true for Instagram and what it delivers to its users. Static/print for this campaign also is looking nice and cute. Hope there will be more videos like this coming out for this campaign. Can be a crowdsourcing as this is fully integrated campaign.”

Campaign links:!/video/210637229!/video/210637243!/video/210636738


Client: Instagram

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Instagram team

Chief Marketing Officer: Clifford Hopkins

Head of Global Brand Marketing: Taj Alavi

Head of Creative, Marketing: Bekah Sirrine

Global Brand Managers: Lauren A. Rodwell, André Llewellyn

Brand Coordinator: Jessica Dickey

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy

Creative Director: Thierry Albert, Cal Al-Jorani, Craig Williams

Art Director: Cecilia Pignocchi, Emma Mällinen, Cassandre Gouraud, Jordi Luna, Riccardo Rachello

Copywriter: Andrew Duncan, Chris Taylor, Jake Barnes

Head of Broadcast Production: Joe Togneri

Art Buyer: Maud Klarenbeek, Rachel Perry

Head of Interactive Production: Kelsie Van Deman

Executive Producer: Tony Stearns

Producer: Stijn Wikkerink

Assistant Producer: Khalid el Khouani

Interactive Producer: Morgan Mendel, Annatruus Bakker

Head of Planning: Martin Weigel

Planning Director: Emma Wiseman

Strategic Planner: Anna Leonte

Head of Communication and Digital Strategy: Greg White

Communications Planner: Wes Young

Digital Strategist: Freddie Young

Group Account Director: Clare Pickens

Account Director: Aitziber Izurrategui, Ben Prout

Account Manager: Yulia Prokhorova, Cecile Desmarest, Elianne Vermeulen

Account Executive: Kinda Hamwi

Head of Design: Joe Burrin

Studio Director: Lizzie Murray

Studio Artists: Noa Redero, Cindy Kouwenoord, Danny van het Kaar

Interactive Designer: Gustav Von Platen

Designer: Zeynep Orbay, Thomas Payne, Malia Killings

Project Manager: Gabriela Moreira, Saskia Van Zwieten, Loes Poot

PR Director: Claire Beesley

Business Affairs: Kacey Kelley, Emilie Douqué, Michael Graves

Film Production

Production Company: Canada

Director: Manson

Executive Producer: Marta Argullós, Oscar Romagosa

Editing Company: Ambassadors

Editor: Oscar Marmelstein

Audio Post: Ambassadors, 750 Mph

Sound Designer/Mixer: Wessel van Zijderveld, Sam Ashwell

Post Production: Ambassadors

Flame: Peter van Rij, Jeroen van Berkel, Bas Moonen

3D: Ambassadors

Colorist: Kurt van der Ploeg

Producer: Gayle van Bochove, Lilian Kalkman

Print/Out-of-Home Production

Photographer: Yann Stofer

Production Company: Nevada Service (Barcelona)

Retouching: Loupe Imaging

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