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Industry veterans list the don’ts of making an ad film

While dos are very imperative, the don’ts are no less important. spoke to some ad filmmakers and creative guys to understand what not to do when making an ad film

There are many mantras that people swear by in life. Many a time, what should not be done becomes just as important as what should be done. Just like there are some absolute no-nos in every situation and every job, there are a few cardinal sins one has to keep clear of while making ad films. spoke to Prathap Suthan, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Bang in the Middle; Cyrus Pagdiwala, Executive Producer, Corcoise Films Pvt Ltd; Hemant Bhandari, Producer, Chrome Pictures and Hamesh Makkadamanacote Haridas, Founder/MD, Apostrophe Films, to know what should be avoided.

Don’t force your opinions on your clients

Hate it when someone tries to force their ideas upon you? Well, that is true for all human beings, including your clients. While it is important to put your point across and make them see reason, it might not be wise to try and convince them of something they have already expressed their displeasure about.

Do not steal ideas

In the age of the internet, nothing is hidden and therefore this might not be right time to get “inspired” by someone else’s work. Stealing ideas from others is not only ethically wrong; it might also land you in big trouble and with egg all over your face.

Understand your budget

You might want to make an epic saga but your client might only be able to afford a teaser trailer. Understanding ones budgetary limitations and working within those limitations is imperative. Besides, a lot of money doesn’t always translate to good work.

Understand how video and audio works

Not everything has to be said. During the time when radio reigned supreme there was a need to spell out everything but today you don’t need to do that. Films don’t need to be voiceover-led unless the idea or the execution demands it to be. Understanding that audio and video works differently is very important.

No brief is a bad brief

Never sit down to create an ad film thinking that it will turn out bad. Every film for every client is an opportunity to excel. Things are only boring if you think them to be boring, it is up to you to make things interesting.

Don’t avoid your client

At the end of the day if the person paying for your services is not happy with what they are getting, is it even worth the effort? So don’t avoid or ignore what the client is saying, they know their market and their product a lot better and their insights might be valuable.

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