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Ad Stand: Coke, Oppo, GoIbibo, Kellogg’s and Deepika

How four prominent brands have successfully used the hot-selling Bollywood actor to promote their products

There is an easy way to get eyeballs: sign up the current superstar and watch the brand soar. Coke, Kellogg’s, GoIbibo and Gionee have all got the advantage of having possibly the hottest celebrity as the endorser. All the brands have released their ads at the same time, giving the brands a certain topicality.

The Coke elevator campaign

While Pepsi faltered in its campaign, Coke has kept the narrative simple and created a very Coke kind of spot. The story of a star bumping into a commoner, connecting with each other and the star leaving the common stranger with a goofy grin makes for super viewing. There is a certain charm that Deepika brings to the commercial and despite a very tight story line and little space to improvise makes the commercial memorable. The hotel room service steward is also perfectly cast.

The spot though is adapted from the international commercial of Coke. The international commercial is a modern day Cinderella story where an ordinary girl bumps into a celebrity DJ and ends up having her own starry moment and a selfie that didn't work out as well as she thought it would. The interactive digital content takes you floor by floor, giving you a taste of candid moments. The digital campaign has a far more interesting take on the modern Cinderella story than just a selfie that is dominated by a bottle of Coke. This is a winner from Coke.

Selfie and Oppo

Oppo was about a love story between two stars. These two stars haven’t been cast together in a movie, so that was a brave move by a phone brand. The brand has now moved beyond a love story, into a selfie. The emotion of finding long lost love has been replaced by the narcissistic feel of looking at your face with a weird pout. Deepika is fighting the pout war with Alia and Ranveer. This is an interesting war out there, pouts, pouts and pouts and three hottest celebrities.

GoIbibo and Deepika

At 8.5 million views in YouTube alone, GoIbibo is doing very well to help Deepika make money by using her contacts on her phone book. This is a simple tale that is enlivened by Deepika, but more by the technologically challenged aunt. The aunt plays the old-world-old-idiom driven lady with extreme pizzazz. It's the casting that is inspired, the rest of the ad is usual.

Kellogg’s and Deepika

Kellogg’s and Deepika were into selfies last year. Deepika was showing off her weight loss post two-week challenge last year. This year Kellogg’ Special K Protein is more about maintaining your weight by eating the most tempting Cranberry flavoured cereal. There are many cranberries in the commercial, almost from frame one to frame hundred. It’s just in the final frame you discover that Kellogg’s has two more flavours. This is a classical packaged food commercial, and does the job of selling the breakfast well. Kellogg’s will benefit from having a supremely fit and attractive Deepika as its ambassador.

Deepika and new ASCI guidelines

ASCI has issued new guidelines for brand endorsers. So will the guidelines have an impact on Deepika’s brands? The bubbly drink is about making friends should be safe. The dual lens cell phone is about selfies, you can’t debate that. The travel brand is about making money from friends, that's a matter between friends. The breakfast cereal is about maintaining weight. May be Deepika now needs to hire a nutritionist and a food scientist. Or may be Kellogg’s can explore selfies again.

They are in fashion.

(Naresh Gupta is Managing Partner and CSO of Bang in the Middle. The views expressed are personal.)


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