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When Tata Motors’s Racemo drove social media crazy

Conceptualised by Jack in the Box Worldwide, the pre-launch campaign of Tata Motors new sports car, Racemo, came to life before the car came, albeit with the name Cemora and created a buzz in the world of Instagram and Twitter

Archit Ambekar | Mumbai | March 15, 2017

Tata-Motors-Racemo Click on the Image to watch the Video.

Role play is a common game for kids. But have you ever heard a car playing a woman? Jack in the Box Worldwide conceptualised a pre-launch campaign for Tata Motors Racemo, where-in ‘Cemora’ played the role of a girl as she embarked on a journey, creating curiosity for its followers.

On March 7, Tamo, Tata Motors’ sub-brand, launched Racemo, a two-seater, fully connected, sports coupe at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show. The car got the entire auto world to sit up and take notice, for the way it looked and what it could do.

Kaizad Pardiwalla Kaizad Pardiwalla

The auto world took notice only because of what was sown a month and half back. The journey began in mid-January when Kaizad Pardiwalla, President, Jack in the Box Worldwide, got a meeting call from a senior person at Tata Motors. “When I went there, I was told by Tata Motors that they wanted to launch something. In addition to that, I was told that we will have to do a pre-launch buzz campaign around it. The only brief we had at that time was that it’s a sports car. We couldn’t reveal that it’s going to be a car, we couldn’t tell you the name of the car, and we couldn’t tell that it’s a car from Tata Motors. What we had to do is to create hype, fan following and pre-buzz for this car, which is going to launch in the first week of March,” says Pardiwalla.

With this brief, the team started brain-storming. Soon the team gathered attributes around a sports car and made a personality it. “We created this character around the car, who is going to travel around Europe, documenting her journey. Apart from a sports utility vehicle, we associate cars as a female. Hence, we decided to document ‘her’ journey. That’s where the thought emerged,” narrates Pardiwalla.

The agency brings to life Cemora – a spunky girl on one helluva road trip – exploring the underbelly of London, racing in Italy, partying in Spain, grooving in Romania, and hanging out with the Germans. The entire journey was captured on Instagram and Twitter via videos, photos and postcards under the handle @one_miss_wander (now @racemoofficial). Everyone was wondering – who is ‘Cemora?’ So she dropped a little clue as she posted on March 6 on Instagram, ‘How can I not confirm the place we’re set for the date? ;) See you at The Geneva Motor Show.’

She later posted a video, about how she took us through various places as a female voice in the background says, ‘So here’s a confession of sorts. I’ve taken you all for a ride and now it’s time to show you boys who I really am?’ The name Cemora shuffles to form Racemo as the voice continues ‘I’m Racemo…the car your parents warned you about.’

Pardiwalla continued, “Every single photo or video that is taken is shot at 3-3.5 feet, which is the height of the car. We decided what kind of things she will do. She’s not going to document the city as everyone else does. She has her own take. She is this spunky, sassy and really cool girl. We brought alive her personality through all her pictures and captions and it’s been an insane month and half for us.”

The entire exercise was to create this fan base. The biggest challenge for the agency was to create about 12,500 followers on Instagram and Twitter and an engagement of about 1.7 million with Cemora in a span of one month. The audience has seen her pictures and videos, people have written back to them.

“The idea was to transfer that following from Cemora to ‘Racemo’ which is the car,” Pardiwalla asserts.

Sujan Roy, Head Marketing, Passenger Vehicles, International, Tata Motors, said, “This was our first association with team Jack in the Box. From our initial interactions, we found that the team has a deep and fundamental understanding of the digital medium and how to leverage it for maximum effect for the task at hand.”

Roy further added, “During the association, what impressed us as a client was the entire team was focused, motivated and immensely driven by metrics -- be it the KPIs that we set for ourselves, the time deadlines or the budgetary limits while never losing sight of the idea. Working under extreme time pressure we never saw them faltering and they came across as a bunch of thorough professionals. It has truly been a joy working with Team JITB.”

This campaign witnessed 12,500 followers on Instagram and Twitter, a reach of 12.1 million and a cumulative 1.7 million likes, shares, comments and video views. The campaign received over 57.1 million Impressions, probably making it the most successful Indian social media campaign of all time.

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