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Titan Edge Ceramic film weaves its classic tune with ceramic Jal Tarang

Titan has raised the bar by creating another classic ad for the launch of its brand Edge Ceramic. The ad film is conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather and portrays a wonderful marriage between the iconic Titan tune and classical instrument Jal Tarang

Akansha Mihir Mota | Mumbai | March 29, 2017

Titan-Edge-Ceramic Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Nowadays advertisements that leave a mark are either emotional or social. Not many product centric ads succeed in breaking the clutter to stand out. As usual, Titan has been only raising the bar, be it emotional ads or social ones. This time around, to unveil its latest Ege Ceramic collection, the brand has released an ad film conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather. It beautifully portrays the objective and purpose of the brand by marrying Indian classical instrument Jal Tarang to the brand ethos and its iconic tune.

Taking inspiration from the product itself, the TVC for Titan Edge Ceramic exemplifies the finely crafted piece of art and precision that the wrist watch is. The memorable film weaves in the melodious Titan symphony with the tonal intricacies of ceramic.

Mahesh Gharat Mahesh Gharat

Talking about the idea of the ad film, Mahesh Gharat, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, said, “When Titan decided to launch the slimmest ceramic watch, the idea of recreating the Titan symphony on Jal Tarang using fine ceramic bowls felt natural. That gave us the opportunity to work with India's leading classical Jal Tarang artist, Milind Tulankar, and bring the idea to life.”

Titan has achieved the impossible with the launch of Edge Ceramic, designed at a thickness of 4.4mm. The limited-edition collection will be promoted on television and digital mediums through the latest ad film.

Sirish Chandrashekar Sirish Chandrashekar

Sirish Chandrashekar, Marketing Head, Titan Watches, said, "Edge embodies our pioneering spirit in watchmaking. Finesse, sophistication and minimalism are at the core of its DNA. When we were thinking of how best to bring alive the new ceramic proposition, this film idea seemed perfect. The film is a true reflection of the innate qualities of Titan Edge."


Making of the film

The person who has played the iconic tune is Milind Tulankar. He is the only professional Jal Tarang artist in the whole of Asia. First, the tune was recorded in a studio. It is amusing to note that the shoot went on for two and a half days and Tulankar had to continue playing the tune throughout the shooting process. The film was shot in a dust and sound proof room. The editing took 10 days and the final product was ready in 20 days.

Gharat said, “We used just one light source through which the magic of Jal Tarang and water could come alive. The lighting was such that we could only see hands and the bowls in which the ripples were created. Apart from the cleaning job on the computer, we have not created anything from graphics other than the actual shoot.”

Big thumbs up from experts

Naresh Gupta Naresh Gupta

Naresh Gupta, Co-Founder and CSO, Bang In The Middle, is all praise for the concept and execution. “Audio branding has not been the most popular way of building a brand. Save for a MGM, Nokia or Britannia, not many brands have actively invested in a sound mnemonic. Titan has been a flag bearer of audio branding. For over 25 years it has not given up on the audio signature it created for itself. How prescient the brand was that it did this in days when clutter was not there and dominating TV was fairly easy.”

Gupta went on to add, “I think the water film for Titan Edge is the absolute winner for celebrating the music of the brand. From frame one you know the ad is for Titan, and yet you watch it wanting to know which model it is for. I am sure many people reached out to their online store to check the Ceramic Titan Edge Watch.”

Rajeev Raja Rajeev Raja

Rajeev Raja’s company, BrandMusiq, applies the science of sound and the art of music to help brands reach consumers better. Creating a sonic identity that connects with consumers at a deeper, more subliminal level. BestMediaInfo.com asked him about the importance of the iconic Titan tune. Raja said that so much more could be done with the Titan tune. He said, “I think it is a nice way of evoking the Titan signature tune. Titan has been using its iconic tune often. But at Brand Musiq, we are a step ahead. It’s not just about creating jingles, but creating a field of sound that starts getting associating with the brand and not just used in television commercials only.”

Raja added, “I think the future lies in brands understanding music as an identity, much like the visual identity. In this case, the Titan tune has grown over the years and is associated with the brand very strongly. A lot also can be done with this Titan tune across consumer ear points and not just touch points and my company is all about that.”

 The TVC:



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore

National Creative Director: Rajiv Rao

Executive Creative Director: Azazul Haque and Mahesh Gharat

Creative team: Mahesh Gharat, R Unnikrishnan, Adwait Kulkarni, Dhanil Namboodiri, Mijula James

Senior VP & Head of Advertising - South: Tithi Ghosh

Account Management: Sindhu Menon, Akshatha Poojari, Shivani Agarwal

Planning: Sreenesh Bhat, Easo John

Agency Producer: Rajib Baruah

Production house: Hungry films

Director: Vijay Sawant

Producer: Dharam Valia

Director of photography: Jignesh Jhaveri

Music: Milind Tulankar and Chirantan Bhatt


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