OLX urges Indians to take up 'six months break-up challenge'

The online marketplace has released a new brand campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, derived from latest trends and consumer insights. It urges India to sell pre-owned goods that they haven't used for at least six months

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OLX urges Indians to take up 'six months break-up challenge'

OLX urges Indians to take up 'six months break-up challenge'

The online marketplace has released a new brand campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, derived from latest trends and consumer insights. It urges India to sell pre-owned goods that they haven't used for at least six months

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 16, 2017

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OLX India has launched a campaign 'Six months break-up challenge', asking people to sell pre-owned goods they haven't used for at least six months. The campaign is based on insights gathered from CRUST (Consumer Research on Used-Goods and Selling Trends), OLX's annual consumer survey to understand user behaviour towards used goods, as well as other consumer trends.

Conceptualised by creative agency Lowe Lintas, the campaign depicts young, urban and tech-savvy individuals. The name 'Six month break-up challenge' has been conceived keeping in mind the popular culture, and the evolving vocabulary of the youth. The TVC campaign focuses on both the buyer and the seller, highlighting the ease and the convenience of the hyper simple buying and selling experience in a trusted environment.

According to CRUST 2016, conducted by leading research firm IMRB, stocking is the most common activity pertaining to pre-owned goods, and Indians are stocking unused goods to the tune of Rs 78,300 crore in their homes. The survey revealed that 37 per cent of the respondents cite the age-old excuse of 'I'll use it one day' as their top reason for stocking used items.

To get a more nuanced understanding of the 'I'll use it one day' excuse, a separate online research by OLX covering 600 users across India in the age-group of 18-50 years was conducted in February-March 2017. According to this survey, one third of the respondents said that they have not used at least one item in their homes in the last six months. Furthermore, when asked whether they will use these items in the future, almost three out of five respondents gave a negative response. The survey revealed that stocking is higher for categories such as mobiles phones, electrical appliances, musical instruments and sports equipment such as fitness bands, skates and cycles.

Amarjit Batra Amarjit Batra

Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India, said, “There are still so many people in India who are stocking things they have no use for under the excuse that they'll use it one day. This leads to inefficiency in our lives, in the economy, and in our society. The Rs 78,000 crore of pre-owned goods being stocked in Indian homes have the potential to find their way back into the economy and into our lives, but they are lying idle and being wasted. We want India to unlock the potential of these pre-owned items by looking inside their homes. This will help bring about a bigger change by letting us consume more judiciously and wasting less.”

At the heart of this campaign is also the broader consumer truth around the increasing trend of impulse buying, especially of fashion accessories and hobby-centric items.

“As a brand we've always relied on consumer feedback and user understanding to develop our campaigns. However, this time we have completely based our campaign on our research findings, and the emerging trends. This makes the campaign an unprecedented one for us,” added Batra.

Naveen Gaur Naveen Gaur

Talking about the campaign, Naveen Gaur, President, Lowe Lintas, said, “In this campaign, we wanted to continue the journey we had started with in our last campaign, where we managed to pitch the brand in a cooler, younger and trendier way to the youth. Our task here was to make people realise that everyone had something or the other lying around that they were not using on a regular basis.  We wanted to seed the behaviour of selling these lesser used goods rather than letting them become a blind spot. The creative idea was to encourage the audience to take up the six months' challenge, where they could identify things that they had not engaged within six months, and then 'break up' with those things by selling them on OLX."

This campaign comes close on the heels of another 360-degree campaign in which OLX revealed the all new OLX App that has enhanced the ease and trust the of the platform on the back of some strong industry-first product offerings, and a fresh and contemporary design. The previous campaign led to triple-digit growth in daily active users and in replies, and a more than 30 per cent jump in the engagement level of the app.

OLX's brand journey in India has been dotted with memorable and award-winning campaigns such as 'Badi Badi Batein', 'Womaniya, 'Keemat Bhi Kuch Keemti Bhi, 'No More Dekhte Hain' and 'Purana Jayega To Naya Ayega'

The film opens with two young men sitting in a living room. One advises the other that he has been ignoring someone for a long time, which indicates that it's time to break up. The other friend seems reluctant to move on. In the next scene, two young women are shown sitting in a room. Again one of them is advising that it's been six months without any interaction, and it's time for her to break up.

The next shot shows the boy from the first scene explaining to his friend that he should let go of it for someone who is more deserving. The music kicks in, and zooms into quick cuts of what the two groups of friends are talking about. Both the guys were looking at a PlayStation that's lying next to the TV with a couple of books on it, while the girl is looking at a DSLR's strap coming out of a closed drawer. The girl looks at it with guilt. Eventually the women and the men decide to break up with their products. They are both shown clicking a photo of the product and uploading it on the new OLX app in 30 seconds. The voiceover says, “Take the OLX six months break-up challenge. Find stuff you haven't used for six months and break up with it. Post it on OLX, and sell near you. You up for it?” In the last sequence, the boy with the PlayStation is seen meeting a buyer as the screen lights up with 'sell near you'.

The campaign has gone live on television and digital, and will be amplified across radio, social media, and out-of-home in the coming weeks. The ad is being released in seven languages – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and Hinglish.

The TVC:


COO, OLX India: Irwin Preet Singh Anand

Brand Head, OLX India: Abhishek Upadhyay

Creative Agency: Lowe Lintas

Production House: Coconut Films

Director: Shekhar Kamble