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Goafest 2017 announces Abby shortlists for review

The shortlists for Creative (four categories), Branded Content, Public Relations, Broadcaster and Publisher have been uploaded on the Abbys website

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 7, 2017


The shortlists for Creative, Branded Content, Public Relation, Broadcaster and Publisher have uploaded on the Abbys website The shortlists will be available for review. Any comments about what could be inspired work, etc., need to be sent within five days of the shortlists appearing along with supporting documents to The Advertising Club.

For Creative Abbys, shortlists have been uploaded in the following categories: Direct, Film, Design and Gender Sensitivity.

For Creative Abbys in the Direct category, there are 63 shortlists. Some of the popular campaigns in the shortlist are Adidas Tale of Two, Nayi Soch and My Daughter Will.

Under the Film category in Creative Abbys, there are 84 shortlists. Some of the popular campaigns in the shortlist are Pepsi Thi Pi Gaya- Arm Wresting, Last Words and It’s Not Football, It’s War.

Under the Design and Gender Sensitive category in the Creative Abbys there are 200 and 24 shortlists respectively.

There are 94 shortlists in the Branded Content category, 77 shortlists in the Public Relations category, 70 shortlists in the Broadcaster category and 73 shortlists in the Publisher category.

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