Brands embraced International Women's Day and how! shares more inspiring and beautiful campaigns by brands that not just observed but celebrated the occasion

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Brands embraced International Women's Day and how!

Brands embraced International Women’s Day and how! shares more inspiring and beautiful campaigns by brands that not just observed but celebrated the occasion

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 10, 2017


This year, it seemed that brands enjoyed celebrating International Women’s Day than any other occasion in India. Brands understand well that women are the ultimate decision-makers at the consumers’ end and don’t leave any occasion to please them. From exciting offers to emotional catchy ad films, brands have done it all to reach out to its ultimate target audience, i.e. females of the household. This year, brands have come out with campaigns that let viewers think in a different perspective about womanhood and her individuality. Over decades, brands have also realised that women no more need sympathy but a voice to put forward their stand in the society.

Here are a few Women’s Day campaigns that the brands embraced:

Bluestone ad film breaks stereotype around buying solitaire

Individuality is at the core of a contemporary woman. Her individuality comes through in many occasions, be it at her work environment, being independent and happy or shopping for herself. The web film also offers a window into the ever-changing jewellery buying habits. Gone are the days of buying jewellery only for a special occasion. The woman of today is just as happy to indulge in some fine jewellery and celebrate herself. The ultimate indulgence is of course a breath-taking solitaire. The film conceptualised by Contract Advertising seeks to break stereotypes that a solitaire is for a special occasion only, typically associated with a wedding; is very expensive and mostly gifted by men to their partners. Laced with humour, the film is a celebration of a woman’s choice, individuality and self-empowerment.

Urbanclap sticks to LGBT-oriented campaign

Picking up from where it left off with its LGBT-oriented campaign, ‘Come Out for Love,’ UrbanClap is taking a step further this Women’s Day by celebrating gender acceptance and inclusiveness. The campaign urges viewers to ‘Be Bold for Change.’ The brand’s film shows a trans-woman celebrating her first Women’s Day with the support of her family.

Reebok encourages women to choose tough paths

The fitness brand Reebok has released its global film ‘Mom’ in India. In the beginning, it is endorsed by Kangana with an empowering message. Continuing its momentum from last year’s launch of the #FitToFight campaign, the film celebrates the inherent, indomitable strength of womanhood. The film begins with a young girl admiring her mother’s heels and exploring her mother’s wardrobe. As she opens different shoe boxes, she discovers a series of photographs that show a completely different side of her mom. She sees her mom lifting heavy weights, climbing ropes, flipping tyres and training in rain, showcasing another level of toughness. She gets so inspired that she chooses her mom’s Crossfit Nano shoes over the stylish heels.  And therein lies a powerful message – that inspiration begins at home. The message is for women to become tougher, to choose the tougher path, to pick the tougher option.

Vivo asks women to be proud of their individuality

Vivo launched a campaign #BeBoldForChange with a video starring celebrity Bani J. The video focuses on breaking stereotypes and symbolises a woman’s individuality and her bold side. It highlights how every woman has her own story and she should be bold enough to stand for what she believes. Vivo India encourages women to be proud of their individualistic identity even in a mere selfie. A #PerfectSelfie is not about how the world wants to see you but it’s about who you are, so let your picture speak your identity.

Happy Whatever, says Kriti Sanon in her clothing brand launch

Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon choose Women’s Day to launch her clothing brand ‘Ms Taken’, in a tie up with Sachin Tendulkar-backed celebrity fashion company Universal Sportsbiz. Interestingly, she didn’t use dialogues and instead used placards to thrash the hypocrisy implicitly placed in this whole celebration of Women’s Day across the globe when women are still unsafe and fighting for their due rights.