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Tanishq’s wedding collection captures magical moments of father-daughter bond

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, understanding the emotion of a father-daughter relationship, Tanishq’s new campaign gets full marks from the industry for bringing out the emotion alive

Tanishq’s wedding collection captures magical moments of father-daughter bond

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, understanding the emotion of a father-daughter relationship, Tanishq’s new campaign gets full marks from the industry for bringing out the emotion alive Raushni Bhagia | Mumbai | February 20, 2017
Tanishq Click on the Image to watch the TVC.
“When I was leaving my two-and-a-half- year-old daughter at her play school for the first time, we looked at each other and I can’t explain that look which was tearing me apart. As fathers, no matter how big, strong and brave you might be, your biggest fear is that your daughter will leave one day,” recalls Manoj Deb, Executive Creative Director, Bang In The Middle, sharing an instance from his life. The anecdote testifies the impact that Tanishq’s new digital ad-film, depicting a father-daughter bond, can have. The jewellery brand has come out with a new campaign to promote its wedding jewellery range ‘Rivaah’. Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, Tanishq’s new campaign is a union of the words ‘Riwaaz’ (rituals) and ‘Vivaah’ (marriage). With Tanishq’s tradition of craftsmanship, Rivaah has been created to appeal to both brides and mothers through traditional bridal designs in a contemporary manner. Deb, who is deeply moved by the 2.45 minute film, said, “Cultures change but the relationship between a father and daughter remains the same. While viewing this ad, it’s important to judge the emotion instead of just the content. You might be Kashmiri, Gujarati, Bengali, Muslim or from any other community but every father leaves with a secret fear of handing over his most precious possession to another man one day. This is especially true in a country like ours where the dominant belief system is that the daughter ‘will get married and begin a new life’.” To capitalise on this bond shared between the father-daughter duo and also highlight ‘Rivaah’, the campaign thought stems from the insight that a father always wants the best for his daughter. Sharing her thoughts on the new launch, Deepika Tewari, General Manager, Marketing, Tanishq, said, “Every father in the world wants the best for his daughter and her wedding day to be the most special day of her life. The launch of Rivaah is our endeavour to ensure that every father can give his daughter the best wedding jewellery as she begins a new chapter in her life. Every piece from the collection embodies the promise of Rivaah -- to give the bride the best in terms of design, value and purity at competitive pricing.” The film opens with a father busy in wedding arrangements. He then meets his daughter, the bride, dressed as per the Maharashtrian tradition and a beautiful background score starts. The father is in tears imagining how his daughter is going to part from his life after the wedding. Then the film moves on to capture beautiful, yet impactful, instances between various father-daughter duos, right from West Bengal to Punjab and from Gujarat to Tamil Nadu. The same lines of the song flow throughout the film in the background. The film, that has been launched both online and offline, captures intimate moments between brides and their fathers showing how every father irrespective of his culture or location reacts to his daughter’s wedding.
Hari-Krishnan Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan, President, Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, said, “There are many ‘Indias within India and there are many cultures, sub-cultures, traditions, beliefs and rituals, especially when it comes to weddings. Our attempt has been to reinforce the fact that Tanishq understands this diversity and showcase ‘Rivaah’ as a collection that is relevant for brides from different parts of the country.” Highlighting the creative thought process behind the campaign, Arun Iyer, CCO, Lowe Lintas, said, “As easy as it is to know that a father-daughter bond is always unique and strong, depicting it is equally difficult. We found six different insightful situations to highlight the singular feeling of love a father has for his daughter. And we’re glad we were able to capture this beautiful bond no matter which region the setting was in.”
Rajesh Ramaswamy Rajesh Ramaswamy
Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, said, “This campaign was extremely exciting and challenging at the same time. Even though we had to show the different cultural nuances of various communities, we had to find a singular emotion that cuts across all. And we landed on the everlasting love a father has for his daughter. We felt that it would be quite unique to show the same love in various different ways. Which is why we portrayed the mixed emotions that a father feels on his daughter’s wedding day. Hope every father finds one he relates to.” The campaign has gone live on social channels and will be played across other popular offline platforms too.
Nisha Singhania Nisha Singhania
Nisha Singhania, Co-Founder, Infectious, said, “It’s a lovely campaign. Father-daughter emotion captured beautifully. Wedding is obviously a very big occasion for the brand, in terms of jewellery, so, tactically well captured. It shows how in India, the emotion is the same across cultures and languages. It is a nice thought that no matter which part of the country, the bond stands as strong. Tanishq campaigns have always been charming and emotional. This one too is taking it forward. Lovely idea! Well done.” We spoke to few more experts in advertising, who have observed the film quite closely, since they all are father themselves to their cute little damsels. All the experts gave the film full marks for touching upon the emotion in the best possible manner. While all of them gave the film full marks for the beautiful moments it captures, the cross cultural unity of emotions was also appreciated by the creative minds.
KV Sridhar KV Sridhar
KV Sridhar (Pops), ?Founder and Chief Creative Officer Hyper Collective, said, “It's a very nice film, in fact the premise is very beautiful. It is a special bond between a father and a daughter.”
Emmanuel Upputuru Emmanuel Upputuru
Emmanuel Upputuru, Founder, Chief Integrated Officer, ITSA seconds the thought, saying, “I don't think there's anything that is not likeable. The father-daughter relationship space is not explored completely yet. People are now trying to do more father-daughter instead of father-son. The film is a combination of two new things. At the first level, it talks about women as a ‘girl child’ and not as a ‘girl’ and it is from a father's perspective. So the film is on two different levels of emotions.”
Nima DT Namchu Nima DT Namchu
Nima Namchu, CCO, Havas Worldwide too agrees and says how relatable the film was to him. “It’s very clever in bringing out how fathers do tend to spoil their daughters out of love. Though technically, it may look like they did drag the film a bit but it doesn’t matter because it connects emotionally. No matter which part of the country is the dad from but I could relate to every one of them.” The film is a beautiful montage of several different moments but would it have been better to weave a single story from start to end? Pops feels may be, may not be. “May be a beautiful story about what a father can do to his daughter might have been impactful too.” Namchu however felt a single story might have become over-emotional and could have ended up being soppy. “Emotionally, I think the film is bringing out that emotional turmoil that the father is going through. The bond between a father and his daughter is ancient, it is timeless and the feeling would not change even hundred years from now.” Also, being a jewellery brand and quite a few wedding ranges for jewellery, Tanishq has had a very progressive take on weddings in its earlier communications too. Consider the one that depicted second marriage in a beautiful story or the one where the grandmom tells her granddaughter that it’s okay to go for an intercultural wedding. A funny take on how jewellery can tempt a woman to get married. The TVCs:  [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Pops points out how Tanishq has done a lot of progressive and forward thinking work in the past. “The new one looks like a 20 years old concept. This father-daughter bond is eternal, they could have done it with more relevance to today’s relationship. They share a special bond and that bond to this day and age is beyond ‘bidai’. The film celebrates a very special bond between father and daughter. I have a lovely daughter and that's how this emotion is very special to me but it is not only about getting married and going away. The first time actually when you send your daughter alone to another city is for studies or to work. When she boards the train, that feeling is not enough to express. Jewellery can be a part of any story related to father and daughter. One has to understand that a lot of people get inspired by brands like these. This whole stereotyping about daughter getting married and going away; so then why invest in them.” Namchu however feels that it’s okay to not be progressive at times. “Why do we always have to be progressive? Why does everything have to be ahead of its time? Why can’t things be honest and real? There are a lot of brands that are talking about being progressive but a lot of them come across as fake and trying too hard. This, on the other hand, is coming out as simple and real. The second marriage film of Tanishq was a progressive take and it worked then. This time it wanted to portray father-daughter relationship and this is quite good. The brand comes across as one which understands that every father wants to give his daughter the best possible send off.” Upputuru points out how ‘being progressive’ has now become more of a style statement. He explained, “In the past, I have found some of their films to be unnecessarily progressive but this one is neither progressive nor regressive. It is the reality of life. It is not depicting any particular kind of culture -- it is rather a cross culture montage that can relate to any father from any society/ background and socio economic background. Earlier, they did an ad about three women sitting in a restaurant listening to music -- I don't know what they wanted to establish then. This one has a lot more meaning to it and it suites the wide range of wedding jewellery that they wanted to showcase and of different societies and cultures.” Deb puts down his feelings as, “Every father dreams of his daughter’s wedding and wants it to be perfect. But simultaneously, a storm of emotions torments him. He wants her to be strong, independent, to achieve her dreams, and be happy. However, at the back of his mind is a nagging feeling, harping like the pendulum of eternity: one day, she will leave. The ad really connected to me and reminded me of that inescapable event. It captures this very well emotionally as well as visually. Lovely tune and lyrics.” Namchu points out at instances in the film which he loved the most. “The one where the father tries to put the jewellery piece on and doesn’t know that it is not a necklace, the other one about the last photograph with daughter in the Bengali father scene and the Sikh father who wants to stay with his daughter just a little longer. They have picked a lot of good things.” The TVC: [youtube][/youtube] Credits: Client: Sandeep Kulhalli, Senior Vice-President, Retail and Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan; Deepika Tewari, GM Marketing, Jewellery Division and Upasana Babu, Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing, Jewellery Division Agency: Lowe Lintas, Bangalore Creative:  Arun Iyer, Chief Creative Officer; Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Creative Director; Ujjwal Kabra, Group Creative Director; Adarsh Atal, Unit Creative Director and Indrasish Mukerjee, Unit Creative Director Account Management: Hari Krishnan, President; Sudhir Rajasekharan, Senior VP; Bhupender Agarwal, AVP; Rini Nandy, Brand Services Director and Vishwa R, Brand Services Manager Production House: Crazy Few Films (Anupam Mishra)

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