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Mindshare India ranked globally No. 2 in 2016 Gunn Report for Media

This is the first time agency rankings have been included in The Gunn Report. Other two Indian agencies in the top 10 are Mediacom India at No. 7 and PHD India at No. 8

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | February 17, 2017


With The Gunn Report for Media including agency rankings for the first time in its 2016 report, Mindshare India emerged as the second most awarded agency globally, with three Indian agencies featured in the top 10 agencies list. The other two Indian agencies in the top 10 are Mediacom India at No. 7 and PHD India at No. 8. While Starcom USA topped the list, USA and UK had two agencies each in the top 10.

The report summarises the overall media performance from January to December in the year 2016, based on the results of the most important global, regional and national media creative award contests spanning 40 markets.

The stand out work for Mindshare India that helped the agency rank #2 globally include:

  • Brooke Bond Red Label Tea ‘6 Pack Band’
  • Kellogg’s ‘Feeling Dreams’ and ‘Nutrition Revolution. A Fight Against Hidden Hunger’
  • Castrol CRB Mini-Trucks ‘How Castrol Activated Mini Truck Driver Targeted Only Campaign’
  • Mountain Dew ‘New Channel launched by Mountain Dew on Hotstar and Saavn’
  • Cornetto ‘Musical Cones’
  • Motorola ‘Resurrection of Motorola. The Rise of the Phoenix’
  • Hindustan Unilever ‘Before That, It’s Lifebuoy Time’ and ‘Bollywood Sings Rin’s Anthem’
  • Pepsico India Holdings ‘Challenging The Festival Status-Quo’ and Pepsi ‘When Consumers Became Co-Marketers’
  • Lay’s ‘When Google Went Beyond Giving Directions to People. Thanks to Lays!’

Top 10 Most Awarded Media Agencies 2016:

Rank Agency Points
#1 Starcom USA 203
#2 Mindshare India 123
#3 PHD New Zealand 107
#4 OMD USA 98
#5 OMD UK 90
#6 PHD Canada 66
#7 Mediacom India 62
#8 PHD India 60
#9= Mediacom UK 55
#9= UM Romania 55

Top 20 most awarded countries in media are:

Rank Country Points Ranking 2015
#1 USA 655 #1
#2 UK 485 #2
#3 India 459 #3
#4 China 247 #9
#5 UAE 246 #10
#6 Hong-Kong 230 #5
#7 New Zealand 227 #11
#8 Malaysia 223 #8
#9 Australia 212 #4
#10 France 172 #6
#11 Canada 161 #7
#12 Singapore 112 #15
#13 Romania 108 #22
#14 Spain 107 #17
#15 Chile 97 #18=
#16 Ireland 92 #14
#17 Poland 87 #16
#18 Germany 77 #12
#19 Portugal 75 #18=
#20 Turkey 69 #13

Top 10 most awarded media agency networks in the world:

Rank Agency Network Points Ranking 2015
#1 OMD 632 #1
#2 Starcom MediaVest 537 #2
#3 PHD 476 #4
#4 Mindshare 445 #3
#5 Mediacom 329 #5
#6 UM 320 #8
#7 Carat 212 #6
#8 MEC 179 #12
#9 ZenithOptimedia 173 #10
#10 Havas Media 156 #9

PHD jumps back from fourth place last year to third place. The network did well in the Cannes Media Lions, picking up four awards, one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze. Three of these wins were claimed by APAC agencies, including a Gold Media Lion won by PHD New Zealand for DB Export ‘Brewtroleum’ campaign; a Bronze won by PHD Australia for ANZ Banking Group’s ‘Smart Girls - Equal Future’ campaign; and a Bronze won by PHD India for Hindustan Unilever’s ‘Lo Kar Lo Bat’ campaign. The Silver Lion went to PHD UK for its campaign ‘Sharing the Gift of Reading at Christmas’ (Sainsbury’s).

The most awarded advertisers in media in the world:

Rank Advertiser Number of festivals Points Ranking 2015
#1 Heineken 14 90 #6
#2 Coca-Cola 25 78 #1
#3 McDonald’s 25 76 #3
#4 KFC 15 75 -
#5= Microsoft 11 64 -
#5= Samsung 18 64 #2
#7 Vodafone 15 57 #4
#8 John Lewis 7 43 -
#9 Disney 11 38 -
#10= Visa 14 34 #14=
#10= Pepsi 11 34 -

Among media campaigns of the year (not ranked) from India is Ariel, ‘Removing the stains of social inequality. Share the load’ by Mediacom (Mumbai).

Isabelle Musnik, Editor, The Gunn Report for Media, said, “The outcome of The Gunn Report for Media 2016 shows that while technology and data are fundamental to achieving results, insight, strategy and innovative ideas are essential to delivering them as well as bringing positive results, which can be measured. Creativity and efficiency are not antithetical.”

Isabelle added, “Good and creative media ideas have diverse sources, have widely different budgets and come from all over the world. 2016 has been the year of data, mobile, apps, programmatic advertising, life video, new formats, social media, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the emoji, all of which enable consumers to experience brands like never before.”


The idea behind The Gunn Report for Media is to combine the winners’ lists from all of the most important award festivals world-wide that focus on media innovation, creativity and effectiveness.  Some of these festivals are global, some regional and some national.

The Gunn Report for Media does not reveal which awards and festivals are included in order to avoid antagonising contest entrepreneurs around the world whose events are not included.

Regarding the national shows, they include about 40 markets. Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greater China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom and USA are all included, as well as some ‘newer’ advertising countries like Bulgaria, Colombia, Ecuador, Lebanon or Puerto Rico.

Every show in the Report features all of the media: TV, cinema, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, special events/stunts, internet, mixed media and sponsorship. Some have special categories on target audiences such as youth, young adults, all adults, men and women. Single media festivals are excluded. Very few of these reward media creativity and efficiency, and their inclusion would have unbalanced the scoring system in respect of some countries and agencies.

Points are awarded on the same basis for every contest, covering campaigns, countries, brands and agencies:

  • Three to five for a Best Show / Grand Prix, depending on the importance of the festival and the market.
  • Two to three for a winner or a Gold.
  • One to two for a Silver or a Bronze.

A single ad or campaign may receive points for a Grand Prix and also for awards in the same festival for different categories (for example Best Use of Sponsorship or Best Luxury Goods.)  If an agency has received all of its awards in a single national festival, it has not been included in the Agencies’ table as this would weigh the points scoring system inappropriately.


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