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TechGig GeekGoddess 2017: Women techies in coding battle

If you thought technology is a male-dominated domain, think again! It is time to rejoice the tech prowess of coding divas and let the geek goddesses take over

January 20, 2017


TechGig Geek Goddess, the women-only tech extravaganza, entered its second edition this year on January 15. #TG3, as it is fondly known as, took the philosophy of gender diversity and inclusion a notch higher.

Nilanjan Roy Nilanjan Roy

Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy at Times Business Solutions, says, “TechGig is the harbinger of a paradigm change coming in the IT community. While female coders in India constitute around 20% of the workforce, the percentage of women coders visiting TechGig is over 40% -- clearly showing that the Era of Geek Goddess upon us. The growing popularity of our flagship event for women coders highlights this paradigm shift as companies seek tech talent and coders with top skills from among the thousands of coding divas who participate in this national level competition.”

Partnering companies included Sapient, Schneider Electric, Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru, CDK Global, Genpact and more.

TechGig Geek Goddess is a coding contest that promotes women tech talent. The second edition of TechGig Geek Goddess highlighted both the present generation of women technologists and inspired the next wave of women IT professionals.

Along with women coders, the event involved testers and UI/UX experts. Nilanjan Roy elaborates, “While back-end coding provides for a strong and stable product, it is front-end coding where the biggest innovations and real brand differentiation is being witnessed. We have broadened the horizon of TG3 and introduced 'Theme Rounds' in UI/UX, QA and Testing to cover them as integral parts of the tech eco-system.”

With webinars, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, top women leaders shared their diversity experiences and tech knowledge with the participants.

Participants of TechGig Geek Goddess won prizes worth Rs 5,00,000 apart from gift vouchers and even a cool smartphone. Besides, top IT recruiters had a close eye on the contest to choose their pink brigade. is a platform for IT professionals to synergise, share, exchange ideas, facts and information as well as showcase their work and express their views on the vast repertoire that the IT industry encompasses. TechGig has pioneered the Tech Quotient.

Tech Quotient is a uniquely designed algorithm that allows coding competency evaluations across multiple languages.

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