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Rupa Frontline revamps brand identity with new logo

The new logo is intended to be stylish and will leverage the growth and expansion of the brand in India and abroad. Scarecrow Communications Ltd, which has also made a TVC to support the campaign, is behind the revamp

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 18, 2017


Inner wear brand Rupa Frontline has revamped its brand identity with the launch of its new logo and a TVC created by Scarecrow Communications Ltd. In the TVC, actor Ranveer Singh introduces the new logo that aims to capture the sensibilities of millennials.

Announcing the launch of the new Frontline Logo, Mukesh Agarwal, Brand President, Rupa & Co Ltd , said, “I’m much excited to launch the new logo for Rupa Frontline. We’ve been working on the new logo for quite some time, as the brand has come a long way since its inception in 1985 and a new logo that represents the brand’s present outlook was absolutely necessary. Two decades ago, Frontline was introduced as men’s innerwear brand. However, gradually it evolved into a lifestyle brand catering to various needs of consumers with superlative products known for quality and price. The revamped logo efficiently projects the brand’s forward movement, while retaining its authenticity and heritage.”

Arunava Sengupta Arunava Sengupta

Commenting on the need for the revamp, Arunava Sengupta, ?Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications Ltd, said, “Rupa has been in the market for a long time and it is one of the oldest brands in India. There is a generation that has grown up with brands like Rupa but today the brand has a lot of clutter in their audience. Millennials are going to be my audience tomorrow and in the presence of brands like Jockey and others, we had to ensure Rupa as a brand gets presented in the right manner. So this rebranding happened after so many years keeping all these factors in mind.”

The earlier logo had a 'hand written' look to it, which was more like a signature. The new Frontline logo is intended to be more stylish and aims at leveraging the growth and expansion of the brand in India and abroad.

“Today, people are looking for things that are simple. Simplicity works today. Digital medium is a very important part of people’s life now-a-days and the fonts one gets to see there are very different from the fonts people used to see earlier in the print medium. So, we wanted to make a logo that gave the feeling of a brand of today but also wasn’t too complicated and yet it has got character. In the logo, we have also tried to create an element of movement by giving it a slant,” said Sengupta.

The brand has planned a 360 degree marketing strategy, including TV, print, outdoor and digital to introduce the logo to consumers.

The TVC:


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