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94.3 Radio One goes international in Bangalore

The radio player changed the format of its Bangalore station on January 9 and re-launched Delhi and Mumbai with special content

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 16, 2017


94.3 Radio One, which changed to an international format in Delhi and Mumbai five years ago, changed its Bangalore station on the same lines on January 9.

Being the only network that offers an international product in three markets, Radio One decided to re-launch its international network brand with a new logo and new on-air elements to strengthen its India product offering.

Vineet Singh Hukmani Vineet Singh Hukmani

Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD and CEO, Radio One, said, “We realised there are 25 million upscale educated Indians whom we like to call ‘International Indians’ in these three cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. These international Indians read an English newspaper and consume international television combined with consumption of internet in the English language. We target this globally assimilated audience with a more economical but super engaging combination of ‘Live All Day Radio’ and fabulous social media connect with our hugely appreciated Facebook pages with over one million likes. We have scaled up our on-air content to suit the three largest media markets and our new content allows a ‘live inter-connect’ with the three cities. This gives advertisers a unique opportunity to super engage these 25 million consumption leaders across their three largest consumption markets. Only Radio One offers access to this unique and well profiled audience in this manner.”

Anil-MachadoAnil Machado, Chief Talent and Content Acquisition Officer, Radio One, said, “We have launched the Bangalore international format and re-launched Delhi and Mumbai with some very special content. Not only are the music playlists hugely rejuvenated but the content has been acknowledged exclusively by international stalwarts like Bryan Adams, David Guetta, Padmalaxmi, Chris Daughtry, Eric Martin of Mr Big and others. We have special segments like celebrity wrist watch with international celebrities that tell the time of day, new innovative ways of announcing traffic and weather, a host of new shows both on weekdays and weekend. We continue to super engage our upscale audience with new content on sports, current affairs, Hollywood, travel, food and other audience interest areas in an intelligent and entertaining manner.”

Saurabh Sehgal Saurabh Sehgal

Saurabh Sehgal, COO, Operations, Radio One, said, “With the new product and congruence in format of the three largest radio markets, we have upwardly revised our international network pricing and are happy to see that clients and advertising agencies are supporting us in this change as they see value in this unique format and the 25-million audience target. We thank them for the same. The new network logo combines the creativity of orange with the solidity of blue coupled with white representing the unity of purpose in all three markets.”

Hukmani added, “Our brand promise of upgrade to India’s only international radio network is resonating very well with our upscale audience in all the cities and we look forward to amplifying our brand presence in the coming weeks using primarily our radio stations supplemented with well-targeted media. We are confident listeners and advertisers will see huge value in India’s only international radio network brand.”

94.3 Radio One continues to operate Hindi formats in Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad. It was one of the first to launch Hindi retro formats in Kolkata and Ahmedabad and claims to have be first to launch a Bollywood station in Chennai. In Pune, Radio One continues to operate an upscale Bollywood station.


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