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The power of sound resonates at IAA India chapter’s Young Turks Forum

Rajeev Raja, Founder and Soundsmith, BrandMusiq Raja shared examples of how sound has the ability to evoke images, emotions and even trigger memories

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | December 16, 2016

Rajeev Raja Rajeev Raja

The International Advertising Association (IAA) India chapter’s Young Turks Forum hosted Rajeev Raja, Founder and Soundsmith, BrandMusiq, at the fourth session of the ‘Advertising and The 5 Senses’ series, presented by MTV India.

The ‘Advertising and The 5 Senses’ series highlights the importance of using all our five senses in advertising, as opposed to only visual (sight ‘print advertising’) or audio (sound ‘radio’).

The series presents sessions by industry experts with a background in each of the five senses -- taste, sound, sight, smell and touch so that the audience an learn about their nuances as they relate to communication and add immense value.

As part of session on ‘sound’, Raja delivered an insightful lecture to how to demonstrate the power of sound in advertising. Creator of the concept of MOGO or ‘musical logo’, Raja shared examples of how sound has the ability to evoke images, emotions and even trigger memories and stressed the need to create a sonic identity, which reflects the emotion of the brand.

Speaking about the event, Raja said, “The session was really fantastic and I had a great time interacting with youngsters and showing them something new and exciting in the world of marketing, branding and design. I enjoyed demonstrating the whole design of sound. Designing sound for a brand is something that is going to be absolutely evoked by the time they graduate and come out. Thanks to International Advertising Association, I got this opportunity to spend some time with young kids and it was truly fantastic.”

The previous events under the series included a session consisting of a conversation between chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Roshni Bajaj. Sanjeev Kapoor spoke about the importance of all five senses coming together to make the food experience wholesome.

Amit Sarda, MD, Soulflower, hosted the second session and described the role played by olfactory senses in aromatising and augmenting experiences.

Gaelle Carbonneil, Brand Manager, Clinique, highlighted the role of sight and brand aesthetics in advertising.

IAA-India-chapters-Young-Turks-Forum1 IAA-India-chapters-Young-Turks-Forum

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