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Parle-G targets youth via web series ‘Woh Din’

The biscuits category brand from Parle Products has partnered with Qyuki to recreate the magical experience of the 90s. The show is presented by Parle-G in association with Mango Bite

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | December 27, 2016


Parle-G has been a household brand for decades in India, almost synonymous with biscuit. After using various traditional media to promote the brand, Parle-G has found digital as an effective medium.

After working with Nazara Games earlier this year for the Chota Bheem game (which was among the top loaded games in the app store), the biscuit brand has partnered with Qyuki and EmotionalFulls for creating a new web series, ‘Woh Din’. The brand got a good response from the Chota Bheem game and wanted to explore good story-telling when it came to the web series. While Chota Bheem game was meant for an age group of four to eight years, the web series ‘Woh Din’ is aimed at the youth (15-25 years).

Mayank Shah Mayank Shah

Mayank Shah, Head, Biscuits Category, said this is the first attempt from the brand in the branded content space. Shah pointed out that media consumption among youth is high, phones being most important. Shah said television ads might not be cost effective and so they decided to go digital. Branded content has high involvement, unlike television ads, he explained.

Shah said Parle-G has a lot of nostalgia to it. Woh Din portrays the story of a nine-year-old boy named Babu and his best friend Shreedhar growing up in a small town of India. The series sketches the joys of childhood while effortlessly integrating Parle-G into it.

The coming together of Woh Din and Parle-G leads back to warm anecdotes, so vivid in our minds yet never to return. Each 20-minute episode chalks the ethos of the era, just as we have lived them. Shah said it will be a weekly release for five weeks. The show is presented by Parle-G in association with Mango Bite.

Juhi Mehta, Head of Brand Solutions, Qyuki, said, “The growing appetite for web series makes the foray into the digital space as a natural progression for any brand. However, Parle-G deviates from the pop culture identity so heavily present in the digital forum. Qyuki Digital Media helped provide the much required ‘away from the norm’ experience. Woh Din serves as the perfect brand solution simply because it is a story about growing up in the 90s, the decade so widely popularised by the brand over the years. The sheer magic of family and familiarity, the cultural shocks with new beginnings, almost everything that a kid in the 90s has experienced, has been dished out in an all-new manner. You can call it Qyuki’s latest attempt at redefining pop culture!”

Shah added, “With young consumers consuming media across multiple screens beyond TV, our goal was to produce engaging content that captures emotional moments and how the brand was part of our growing up years. With growing appetite for web series among youngsters, it is a natural progression for any brand. Qyuki’s ‘Woh Din’ serves as the perfect brand solution simply because it is a story about growing up in the 90s, an era so widely captured by the brand and its ethos. We’ve all had our share of Parle-G and with time, it has acquired a taste of nostalgia within us.”

Sandeep Jha, Co-founder, EmotionalFulls, said, “The idea to recreate the 90s has been an ongoing desire for long. Having grown up in that era, we wanted the new generation to know what it was like back then. More importantly, we wanted to provide our generation something to reminisce about. What better brand than ‘Parle-G’ to partner with, one that has witnessed it all while being an important part of our childhood.”

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